Camp Hill, PA - Sunbury Press has released its 2011 bestseller list. Nonfiction performed well in print while fiction took all ten eBook spots. The company continues to experience incredible success thanks to its new business model, growing nearly three-fold since 2010. The company released 67 titles in 2011. The best-selling book, in print, for 2011 was actually released in 2010 - and was the best-selling book for the company last year. Guy Graybill's Prohibition's Prince continues to sell well, thanks to renewed interest created by it's sequel - and #2 book of the year Prince and the Paupers. Both books were elevated by very strong demand from independent bookstores in the I-80 corridor - home to the late Prince Farrington and his moonshine empire. Third place went to Milo Thornberry's Fireproof Moth, an international sensation and first international rights deal for the company. Beagle Tales by Bob Ford and Micro-Distilleries in the US and Canada - 2011 Edition by David Reimer took the next two spots. Both are initial volumes in what we all hope are long-running series. Sixth place went to James Campbell's The Holiness of Water, a Christian polemic about the meaning of water to the Christian faith. This was juxtaposed with our seventh best-seller, Messages from Beyond, a new age book by medium Michele Livingston. The Final Charge, a revisionist Civil War novel by Charles K (Ken) Godfrey was the only fiction book among the top ten print books. Carolyn Perry's heart-rending account of staying with her cancer-patient husband in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina and The Joe's (Farrell and Farley) first volume of their Keystone Tombstones series about famous people buried in Pennsylvania, rounded out the top ten print books. Fiction books took all top ten spots of the eBook list. The list was heavily influenced by Christmas promotions late in the year, therefor matching December's bestseller list. Ken Newman's tongue-in-cheek action-adventure reminiscent of other super hero yarns such as Kill Bill and Hell Boy led all eBook downloads on the strength of strong Kindle sales and a Christmas Day free download promotion. Bob Wood's western novel Sage, a yarn about a 19th century half-blood who rises to importance, nabbed #2 in eBooks. Keith Rommel's The Cursed Man, William Lee's Home is a Long Time Ago, Raymond Ray's All Aboard for Murder, T. Anderson's MONAD 12.21.12, Duane Feagley's Black Emeralds, Scott Gerber's Mr. Justice, L. D. Knorr's The Leviticus Mission, and Robert Broomall's Murder in the Seventh Cavalry rounded out the top 10 downloads. For the second year in a row, Guy Graybill was named Sunbury Press Author of the Year for 2011. Guy took the top two spots in the bestseller rankings with his books about Prince Farrington. Paupers pubAbout Prince and the Paupers: Author and historian Guy Graybill continues the entertaining tale of one of America's most prolific moonshiners and bootleggers, Prince David Farrington, who plied his trade through the early to mid 20th century. Graybill follows Farrington from his roots in Guilford County, North Carolina to Lycoming County, Pennsylvania, detailing the decades of illicit activity along the way. Farrington amassed a large fortune. His exploits remain legendary to this day. Relive the rollicking life of Prohibition's Prince, as Graybill presents numerous tales, legends, testimonials, news accounts, and still locations. This volume includes numerous pages of vintage photographs and is indexed. Prince and the Paupers: The companion volume to Prohibition's Prince

Authored by Guy Graybill
List Price: $14.95
8" x 10" (20.32 x 25.4 cm) Black & White on White paper 156 pages
Sunbury Press, Inc. ISBN-13: 978-1934597798 ISBN-10: 1934597791 BISAC: History / United States / State & Local / Middle Atlantic
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Charles "Ken" Godfrey was named Sunbury Press Fiction Author of the Year for 2011 due to the success of his revisionist historical fantasy The Final Charge.
front cover pubAbout The Final Charge:
It was supposed to be a weekend of fun for Mike and his two friends, Ray and Gordon, at the 150th reenactment of Gettysburg. But when they explore an old barn, they are inadvertently sent back in time to the actual battle of Gettysburg. Thus begins a nightmarish quest to survive and find a way back to the present. Mike and his friends soon discover they are on the enemy’s front lines and are rounded up to participate in what will become known as Pickett’s Charge--one of the most disastrous infantry charges in the history of warfare. Will they survive? Will they ever get back to the 21st century, or will they forever be reenactors banished to their beloved past?
The Final Charge
Authored by Charles Godfrey
List Price: $16.95
5.5" x 8.5" (13.97 x 21.59 cm) Black & White on White paper 208 pages
Sunbury Press, Inc. ISBN-13: 978-1934597415 ISBN-10: 1934597414 BISAC: Fiction / Alternative History
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Authors Joe Farrell and Joe Farley were named Sunbury Press Emerging Authors for 2011. "The Joes," as they are known, authored the first volume of the Keystone Tombstones series. Several other volumes are planned.
kt_pubAbout Keystone Tombstones Volume One:
Famous Graves Found in Pennsylvania Joe Farrell and Joe Farley explore the cemeteries (and pubs) of Pennsylvania in search of interesting graves and stories about the interred. Included in this volume:
  • William Law Anderson "Golf's Forgotten Legend"
  • James Buchanan "Pennsylvania's Only President"
  • Pearl Buck "The Good Earth"
  • John Burns "The Hero of Gettysburg"
  • Simon Cameron "Pennsylvania's Political Kingmaker"
  • James Crowley & Harry Stuhldreher "Half the Horsemen"
  • Congressman Dan Flood "Dapper Dan"
  • Benjamin Franklin "The First American"
  • John White Geary "An American Success Story Few Have Heard"
  • Frank Gorshin "What Does It All Mean?"
  • Zane Grey "Rider of the Purple Sage"
  • Harry Norbert Kalas "That Ball's Outta Here!"
  • Mary Jo Kopechne "What If?"
  • David L. Lawrence "Pittsburgh's Renaissance Man"
  • Lincoln Colored Cemetery "Gone But Not Forgotten"
  • Connie Mack "The Tall Tactician"
  • Jayne Mansfield "The Blonde Bombshell"
  • Vance Criswell McCormick "A Harrisburg Hero"
  • George Meade "The Old Snapping Turtle"
  • Thomas Mifflin "A Pennsylvania Patriot"
  • The Molly Maguires, Black Jack Kehoe and Franklin Gowen
  • Gifford Pinchot "Pennsylvania's Forester"
  • Bob Prince & Myron Cope "The Voices of Pittsburgh"
  • General John Fulton Reynolds "A True American Hero"
  • Frank Rizzo "The Cop That Would Be King"
  • Jim Thorpe "The Greatest Athlete of the 20th Century"
  • Bill Tilden "Big Bill"
  • Ginne Wade "A Tragic Love Story"
  • Andy Warhol "The Pope of Pop"
  • Fred Waring "The Man Who Taught America How to Sing"
... and some very Unusual Tombstones Keystone Tombstones: Volume One
Authored by Joe Farrell, Authored by Joe Farley
List Price: $19.95
8" x 10" (20.32 x 25.4 cm) Black & White on White paper 196 pages
Sunbury Press, Inc. ISBN-13: 978-1934597675 ISBN-10: 1934597678 BISAC: History / United States / State & Local / Middle Atlantic
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SUNBURY PRESS - Bestsellers for 2011 (by Revenue)
Rank Title Author Category
1 Prohibition's Prince Guy Graybill History / Biography
2 Prince and the Paupers Guy Graybill History / Biography
3 Micro Distilleries in the US & Canada: 2011 Edition David Reimer Reference
4 Fireproof Moth: A Missionary in Taiwan's White Terror Milo Thornberry History / Memoir
5 Beagle Tales Bob Ford Pets / Humor
6 Tulpehocken Trail Traces Steve Troutman History
7 The Final Charge Charles “Ken” Godfrey Historical Fiction
8 The Holiness of Water James Campbell Christian
9 For Better, For Worse Carolyn Perry History / Memoir
10 Keystone Tombstones Volume 1 Joe Farrell & Joe Farley History / Biography
Following are the top overall print sellers by category:
  • History / Memoir - Prohibition's Prince: America's Millionaire Moonshiner by Guy Graybill
  • Fiction - Final Charge by Charles Godfrey
  • Poetry - Roadman by Stefan May
  • Childrens - Over the Sea by Joanne Risso
  • The Arts - My Eye on the Philadelphia Mummers by Mary Gallagher Stout
  • Self-Help - A Young Adult's Guide to Safety in the Digital Age by Jeff Sechler
  • Pets / Humor - Beagle Tales by Bob Ford
  • Christian - The Holiness of Water by James Campbell
  • Metaphysical - Messages from Beyond by Michele Livingston
  • Reference - Micro-Distilleries of the US and Canada - 2011 Edition by David Reimer