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Happy Easter weekend!

There's never been a better time for a virtual Easter egg hunt. But this time, you're getting a glimpse into what's inside the egg first.

And spoiler alert: It's free books!

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Mystery, Thriller, & Suspense

The Sinful Man The Ripper's Hellbroth Search for Judd McCarthy Dying for Vengeance Deadly Jigsaw This is the cover photo for Dead of Autumn by Sherry Knowlton The Leviticus Mission City Havoc Fantasy League Murders Fatal Snow Of Guilt and Innocence

General Fiction

This is the book cover for The Odyssey of Pablo Camino of the Puerto Rico Trilogy by Robert Friedman this is the book cover for a moment in the sun by tory gates

Historical Fiction

Emeralds of the A Sign of the Eagle A Deeper Sense of Loyalty

Speculative Fiction

this is the book cover for Wolf by Chris Fenwick The Ridge of Death ratedz1_fc Basic RGB The Devil's Grasp


Planet Jesus Book 1 The Man in the Mountain


Keystone Tombstones v1 Beagle Tales 1 Redemption

Stay tuned for more great books from Sunbury Press!

Thanks for checking out these free eBooks! We have over 700 titles to choose from--the best in fiction and nonfiction through various imprints--and we love helping you find your next favorite book!

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