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February 06 , 2020

4 Thrilling Murder Mysteries by Sherry Knowlton

The Alexa Williams series is a 4-book collection of thrilling murder mysteries set in southcentral Pennsylvania.

There's nothing quite as good as a spine-tingling thriller novel. Well, maybe there is. Maybe there's nothing quite as good as four of them. Sherry Knowlton's Alexa Williams series offers readers four murder mysteries and the bravery of a strong female protagonist taking on the unknown thrills of southcentral Pennsylvania. With multiple-book award accolades and reviews saying things like "It will keep you guessing and glued raptly to your reading chair," Sherry Knowlton pens a breathtaking series that you've got to get your hands on. Check out more about these titles below.

About the Alexa Williams Series

Book 1: Dead of Autumn

This is the cover photo for Dead of Autumn by Sherry Knowlton

About the Book

A southcentral PA murder mystery twists into a captivating fight against the harsh truths of a misogynistic world in book one of the Alexa Williams series.
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Book 3: Dead of Spring

This is the book cover for Sherry Knowlton's Dead of Spring

About the Book

Political corruption. A dead Senator. A dying child. With Sherry Knowlton's trademark mix of feminism, history, and fast-paced thrills, Dead of Spring places you in a crash course with suspense. 2017 Best Book Awards Finalist for Mystery/Suspense.
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Book 2: Dead of Summer

This is the cover photo for Dead of Summer by Sherry Knowlton

About the Book

Alexa Williams returns in a valiant fight to save the victims of rural sex trafficking. Find yourself in a dark web of danger and destruction in this 2017 finalist for the Best Book Awards.
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Book 4: Dead of Winter

This is the cover photo for Dead of Winter by Sherry Knowlton

About the Book

One dark night in the dead of winter, Alexa must discover how threads of racism and hate-groups intersect, and she must stop an attack that could kill hundreds. If she fails, she could lose everyone she loves.
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What others are saying:

"A captivating mystery with roots in the past and a courageous hero in Alexa Williams. Sherry Knowlton beautifully engages the readers with her easy style and Pennsylvania setting as she seamlessly threads in historical details as well as current issues about crimes against women. Very courageous in its undertaking and very important in today's social climate, DEAD OF AUTUMN remains true to the mystery and detective genres as it entertains and thrills. I already have the next one in the series!"

-- Heidi Ruby Miller, Author of the Ambassadora Series

"Knowlton weaves a compelling tale, and the threads become tighter as the plot progresses. A suspicious suicide of a powerful politician takes on new meaning when Alexa Williams's investigations uncover corruption at the heart of the fracking industry. And when she becomes the target, the tension ramps up to a thrilling climax. Highly recommended."

-- Mark Leggatt, best-selling author of international thriller Names of the Dead

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  4. Dead of Winter
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