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Sunbury Press is a rapidly growing publisher of a wide range of categories represented by six imprints. We typically receive approximately 1000+ proposals a year, publishing roughly 50 of them (about 5%). We choose to invest in those opportunities that we feel have the best chance in the current marketplace. We are always seeking new titles to publish including: history, historical fiction, police procedurals, crime thrillers, horror, steam punk, young adult, current events, science, reference, art history, ANY local/regional history, humor, spiritual/metaphysical, self-help, professional, memoirs, etc. If we didn’t mention your category — try us anyway!

If you have submitted to us and end up going elsewhere, please let us know by withdrawing your submission.

Please do not call us about your proposal. We ask that you please leave our lines open for our ordering customers.

Please DO NOT MAIL HARD COPY to us. We prefer electronic submissions.

At Sunbury Press, we do not charge authors for services. You cannot pay us to publish your book. Because we make money by selling your books, we only select the books we think will sell in the marketplace. Our publishing process typically takes six months to one year from contract signing. We produce trade paperbacks, hard covers, and eBooks in a variety of formats and sizes. Our books are available wherever books are sold in all of the major economies worldwide.

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