We currently publish under eighteen different imprints.

Sunbury PressThe Sunbury Press imprint is best known for history, military fiction, biography, memoir, and other nonfiction categories.

Scriptoria Press

Scriptoria Press is our new fiction and nonfiction Christian imprint.

Distelfink Press

Distelfink Press is our Pennsylvania Dutch / Pennsylvania German imprint.

Catamount Press

Catamount Press imprint focuses on literature and creative nonfiction related to the Northern Appalachia region.

Oxford Southern

Oxford Southern is for academic, medical, biographical, social science, and educational content.

Local History Press is our imprint focused on historical events or figures for any locale. 
Milford House Press
Milford House Press is our general fiction imprint, including historical and legal fiction, and including cozy mysteries and westerns.

Brown Posey Press
Brown Posey Press is our literary fiction and creative nonfiction imprint. We also publish our art and music titles under this imprint.

Roswell Press

Roswell Press is our new paranormal, alien, UFO, supernatural, cryptids, occultism, sci-fi, strange phenomenon, and witchy fiction and nonfiction imprint. 


Ars Metaphysica

Ars Metaphysica our spiritual, metaphysical, new age, fiction, and religion (except Christian) nonfiction imprint.

Hellbender Books

Hellbender Books is our horror, psychological thrillers, dystopian (except YA), and fantasy imprint. 

The Agency Books

The Agency Books is our new detective, government conspiracies, law enforcement, espionage, terrorism, FBI/CIA/NSA, and spy thriller imprint. 



Loch Ness Books

Loch Ness Books is our Young Adult (YA) imprint. 

Free Radio Press

Radio Free Press is our new Political Imprint. 


Hearth & Home Press
Hearth & Home Press features books of a more practical nature, including Crafts and Hobbies, Cooking, Personal/Practical/Emergency Preparedness, Games and Activities, House and Home, Sustainable Living, Homesteading, and Gardening.


Verboten Books

Verboten Books is our imprint for mature content.
Speckled Egg Press

Speckled Egg Press is our juvenile fiction and nonfiction imprint.

Blood Moon Comics is our comic book and graphic novel imprint.