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Lawrence Knorr


by Lawrence Knorr River Art: Susquehanna International Fine Art Competition - 2010Catalog of the 2010 Susquehanna International Fine Art Competition sponsored by West Shore Gallery and Sunbury Press. There were 438 entries...

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by Lawrence Knorr 

River Art: Susquehanna International Fine Art Competition - 2010

Catalog of the 2010 Susquehanna International Fine Art Competition sponsored by West Shore Gallery and Sunbury Press. There were 438 entries from 171 artists in no less than 7 countries. The theme of this year's contest was “River Art”. All entries were to include a river, real or imagined, in their composition. While most utilized the theme literally, many used the theme metaphorically.

Entries were divided into seven categories: Oil/Acrylic, Watercolor, Drawings/Sketches, Mixed Media/Collage, Photography, Digital and Other. Ten finalists were selected in each category, except for Oil/Acrylic, which had an overwhelming number of entries. Category winners were selected, along with an overall winner, whose work was determined to be most attractive for the book cover.

Regarding the jurors, Monica Smith-Talbott and Erin Sparlor: Monica is a Professor of Art at Harrisburg Area Community College and Erin is a  Professor of Digital Arts at Central Penn College. Both hold Master of Fine Arts degrees. Erin judged the Photography and Digital categories. Monica judged all of the other categories.

This catalog presents the work of the finalists who wished to be in the book. The work is arranged by category, in no particular order, except the lead image is the winning entry for the category (if the artist participated in the book).

Unless otherwise noted, all of the work is for sale. Prices have not been included in the catalog, but can be found on the information card accompanying each piece in the exhibition.  At the time of publication, it was not yet determined which artists would be able to participate in the exhibition, though all finalists were invited.

The following prizes were awarded:

Grand Prize - The top entry of the competition received a $250 cash prize and was used as the cover image for this book.

This year's winner: "The Lower Fork" (2009) by Ed Letven

Category Winners - The top entry in each category won $50 and was featured as the lead image in each chapter of this book:

Oil/Acrylic: "9510 River Memory" (2009) by Joel Le Bow
Watercolor: "Desplaines River" (2001) by Alli Farkas
Drawings/Sketches: "By the River" (2010) by Nancy Ness
Mixed Media/Collage: "Fishing Village" (2008) by Jing Chung
Traditional Photography: "Dawn Breaks" (2008) by Sudipto Das (not in book)
Digital: "Red Rocks" (2010) by Mark DeMent
Other: "Not a Care in the World" (2008) by Lilianne Milgrom

Artists invited to the exhibition by the jury include:

Barabara Richards
Deborah Orloff
Frances A. Miller
Jing Zhou
Kristine Campbell
Mark DeMent
Mark Kovalchuk

Greg Johannesen
Nancy Hess
Patricia Wynne
Rebecca Yates Shorb
Shannon Chong
Tatiana Myers
Veronica Winters
Whitney Knapp

Mixed Media:
Carly Swenson
Harry Spitz
Janice Schoultz Mudd
Jing Chung
John Lyon Paul
Lian Zhen
Rosalie Beck

Clemence Potier
Hem Jyotika
Joe Kluck
Lilianne Milgrom
Mary Mikel Stump
Susan Alexander

Ellin Pollachek
Hugo Cruz
Judith Nylen
Kimberly Clark
Kurt K Weiss
Meryl Silver
Sarah Dedoelder
Sudipto Das

Alli Farkas
Greg Arens
Lauren Mulhern
Lian Zhen
Michael Gillespie
Sam Dixon
Sharon Way-Howard

Al Boze
Alex Mandel
Amihan Jumalon
Arlene Meyer
Barbara Fracchia
Claire Beadon Carnell
Connie Lane
Deborah Dorsey
Dena McMurdie
Dennis Shattuck
Don Michael, Jr.
Ed Letven
Eleni Sakellar
Gregory W. Frux
Heather Leigh Douglas
Idell Weiss
Ingrid Dohm
Jack Siegel
JoAnn Parsley
Joel Le Bow
John Hassler
John High
John Lloyd
John Treanor
Josephine Hodos
Julie Riker
Karen Silvestro
Ken Huang
Lian Zhen
Lynn Patron
Madeleine Avirov
Mark Frossard
Maya Gerr
Michael Gillespie
Padma Prasad
Patricia Walach Keough
Paul Hitchen
Ralph J Ryan
Randel Rogers
Renee Fineberg
Renee Leopardi
Robert Sunderman
Sam Dixon
Shannon Richardson
Suzan Brassard
Veronica Winters
Victoria Veedell
Warren Godfrey
William Marvin

Page Count: 108
Trim Size: 8 x 10
Publish Date: October 12, 2010
Imprint: Sunbury Press
Genre: Art

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