6 MORE Terrific Fiction Authors from Pennsylvania (Part 2)

Sunbury Press is a proud champion of PA voices. Here are 6 fiction authors from Pennsylvania that you're going to want to check out

The Pennsylvania literary scene has to stick together. As a PA independent publisher, we're thrilled to give voice to local authors churning out some of the best fiction we can find.

In this blog post, venture through the biographies, websites, and social media links of some of Sunbury's fiction authors from Pennsylvania. We think you're going to like what you'll find.

Thomas M. Malafarina

Thomas M Malafarina author photo

Thomas M. Malafarina (Harrisburg, PA) is a horror author from Berks County, Pennsylvania. He has been featured in multiple anthologies, published seven novels, and even wrote one book of often-strange single panel cartoons called Yes I Smelled It Too. Learn more on his website.

Horror Books from Thomas M. Malafarina

horror books by Thomas Malafarina

Nancy Williams

Nancy Williams author of Pig and more from Sunbury Press

Nancy Williams is a graduate of Allegheny College and is a life-long resident of the very real town of Meadville, Pennsylvania. She is the author of four other books: Hawkmoon, Grace, Blood Truth, and Rabid Philanderers. Learn more at nlwbooks.com.

Horror & Suspense Books from Nancy Williams

Pig by Nancy Williams book cover  Rabid Philanderers Inc Nancy Williams

R. Kane Maurer

R Kane Maurer author from Hershey Pennsylvania

R. Kane Maurer is the author of The Forbidden Powers book series; the first of which (The Cup in the Shadows) is his debut. Maurer lives in Hershey, PA with his family. When he is not working on the final book in his trilogy, you can find him reading and traveling. Learn more about him at RKaneMaurer.com.

Middle Grade Fantasy Novels from R. Kane Maurer

The cup in the shadows by r kane maurer  The Cup in the Shadows Volume 2 R Kane Maurer

John L. Micek

author john l micek from ordinary angels novel

John Micek is an award-winning political journalist and the editor-in-chief of The Pennsylvania Capital-Star. In addition to his journalistic work and broadcast work, he writes fiction and lives in suburban Harrisburg with his wife and daughter.

Ordinary Angels byJohn L. Micek

Veteran newspaper reporter Sean Flynn never imagined that a routine story about a fatal car crash would expose a dark secret about the highest reaches of Pennsylvania state government.

But when an anonymous tip and a thick sheaf of documents reveal that elected leaders are prone to put their own interests above those of the public, it’s up to Flynn to use all the skills of his profession to shake the truth loose.

Click HERE for Paperback of Ordinary Angels

Larry Loebell

author Larry Loebel of Tough Girl in the Jam

Larry Loebell (Philadelphia, PA) is best known for his plays La Tempestad and House Divided and for his role as a writer on Rugrats season one. He has published two previous books of fiction, The Abundance League and Seven Steps Ahead. This is his first novel.

Tough Girl in the Jam Larry Loebell

Tough girl in the jam literary novel by Larry Loebel

Set in the fast and furious world of women's professional roller derby, Tough Girl in the Jam is a novel about sports, strength, and sacrifice. As the lead Jammer on the Philly Freedoms, Nina must prepare for the biggest season of her life alongside her biggest fan and girlfriend Rachel.

As Nina and Rachel move toward a deeper commitment and contemplate their lives together, Nina's estranged father falls ill, propelling her mother to pressure her to donate a kidney to save him.

Click HERE for Paperback of Tough Girl in the Jam

H.A. Callum

ha callum author of whispers on the alders

H.A. Callum is a poet and writer hailing from Bucks County, Pennsylvania. The rolling hills, weathered stone walls, and meandering woodland streams serve as the inspiration to his writing and to his eye as a naturalist. Stop by and strike up a conversation at his blog www.HACallum.com.

Whispers from the Alders by H.A. Callum

whispers in the alders book cover, novel by ha callum

Alder Ferry would have been just another nondescript suburb living in the shadow of its urban parent if not for one detail: the mysterious stand of alder trees anchoring the town to its past. In the shadows of the alders, a boy named Tommy seeks escape and finds refuge.

Then Aubrey appeared. An unlikely friendship blossoms into a love that few people ever come to understand of enjoy--proving that true friendship is a romantic pursuit in its purest form.

Click HERE for Paperback of Whispers from the Alders

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