Interview with Glenn "Hurricane" Schwartz

Joe Walters

March 31 , 2020

Interview with Glenn "Hurricane" Schwartz

Meet Glenn "Hurricane" Schwartz

author photo for Glenn Hurricane Schwartz for his climate fiction novel weathermaker

In 1985-86, Glenn Schwartz became the first "storm chaser" at The Weather Channel and was one of their designated "Hurricane Specialists." He got his nickname in New York City after an anchor saw video of him being blown around during one of his hurricane chases. Now, he lives in the Philadelphia suburbs with his wife, Sherry, and is a lifelong Philadelphia sports fanatic. Learn more at

About the Book

the weathermaker is a science fiction novel by glenn hurricane schwartz

Baltimore TV meteorologist Neil Stephenson can control the weather. But should he?

During a light snowstorm, TV meteorologist Neil Stephenson discovers that he can predict more snow on TV to match his prediction. With a power like this, he could be soaring in his profession in no time.

This cli-fi genre-bending thriller has the action aspects of Twister--with accurate science, organized crime, and death threats making their way to his doorstop.

Interview with Glenn "Hurricane" Schwartz

by Joe Walters

Q: Glenn Schwartz, author of The Weathermaker, thanks for chatting with me! Your book has gotten off to a great start as a #1 bestseller for our mystery imprint Milford House Press for the months of January and February. And I could.not.wait to bring you on for an author interview.

A: And I can't wait to talk about it. What a pleasant surprise that it started selling well right from the start!

Q: You've been flashing across Philadelphia area television screens for quite some time with your role as a TV meteorologist on NBC10. So we know you're real weather fanatic, but I'm curious--when did you start writing fiction?

A: This is my first piece of fiction. As scientists, we are trained to deal with facts, so it was a little strange (but refreshing) to just make stuff up. I wanted to get the science parts right but to tell an entertaining story too.

Q: You surely have more knowledge about weather than your everyday citizen. So what is it about climate change that you'd like to share through The Weathermaker?

A: The connection between climate change and extreme weather has become more and more obvious in the past decade. The studies show it, and I have clearly noticed changes as a forecaster. These changes are happening way before the projections said they would. That extreme weather is occurring all over the world, and the world needs to take some big action to limit these changes.

Q: It's not every day that a meteorologist pumps out a novel as thrilling as yours, so I'm sure you've had your nose in a book for a little while. Do you have any literary influences and/or favorite authors and books?

A: My biggest influences as a science communicator were Carl Sagan and Steven Schneider. As an author, I was most inspired by Michael Crichton. Jurassic Park was my favorite--how amazing that a writer could get into chaos theory in such an entertaining book for the masses!

Q: If you could control the weather like your book's main character, what would you do with that power?

A: I would make it rain to stop the huge wildfires and end droughts. I would weaken hurricanes as they threatened land. I would stop or minimize floods. And I might have some fun with it and make it rain on people I don't like when they least expect it.

funny quote from Glenn Hurricane Schwartz in interview

Q: Ha! Remind me to stay on your good side, will ya? What is it about your main character (Neil Stephenson) that makes him a great character to follow around?

A: He seems to have such an easy charmed life. But there are conflicts inside him--and even possibly some demons.

Q: Can you share something about the book that we can't find in the blurb?

A: There are a lot of "inside TV" stories in the book, and nearly all of them are based on true stories--or at least that's what the people who told me the stories said. A lot of this stuff happened WAY back, when the rules weren't nearly as strict, and there was lots of money flowing around. I think it's one of the most entertaining parts of the book.

Q: Who do you envision as your ideal readers?

A: Someone with a casual interest in the changing weather and climate but would rather read a novel than a textbook.

Q: Do you think there's another novel hiding inside you now that The Weathermaker is out and available?

A: Definitely. If The Weathermaker is a success, there will be sequels (yes, plural). And my hope is that if all goes well, you'll be seeing this one up on the big screen.

Thanks for checking out my interview with Glenn "Hurricane" Schwartz! I had a blast talking with this local TV legend, and I can't wait for everyone to get a hold of what he has brewing in The Weathermaker.

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