Interview with Keith Rommel

Joe Walters

March 20 , 2020

Interview with Keith Rommel

Meet author Keith Rommel:

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Keith Rommel is a multi-award-winning author and screenwriter best known for his Thanatology dark suspense series. In addition to writing thirteen books, he also had the honor of co-writing The Cursed Man and The Lurking Man movies which have garnished over 160 awards combined, including best screenplay and best feature film.

The Shade of the Reaper Series

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Interview with Keith Rommel

by Joe Walters

Q: Keith Rommel, author of the Shade of the Reaper series, thanks for chatting with me!
A: Thank you for having me.
Q: Let’s hear that elevator pitch. How would you describe the series to someone who knew nothing about it?
A: The Shade of the Reaper series is a collection of realistic and supernatural novels that explore humanity and its inherently corrupt nature. Some people don't seem to care until they're forced to face the unthinkable, so what does it look like when the unthinkable happens? What sacrifices would you be willing to make to undo your wrongs?
Q: At this point, we’re four books deep into the series. It might feel like a while since it’s all started, but put yourself in that early writer’s shoes. What made you first begin this project?
A: The project started with my desire to tell a story that hasn't been told before. As an avid reader, I've felt the market has been saturated with stories that have been told many different times. I always strive for unique storytelling, and six books later, I'm pleased to say that people are still interested in what I have to say.
Q: We’ve heard quite a few reviewers telling us how much they enjoyed The Sinful Man (among others of course). But I’m curious: what is it about that book that resonates best with you?
A: Like most books in the series, there are universal truths in which the story of The Sinful Man is based off of. I'm particularly attached to that one because the stories of sin and hopeful redemption have affected people I know, meaning this book is a sort of outlet for me to share these important truths.
Q: Two of the novels in the series (The Lurking Man and The Cursed Man) were turned into award-winning films. How exciting is that! What was it like seeing your characters and story come to life on screen like that?
A: It is truly an honor to have had my works brought to life. At times the feeling is surreal. I remember being nervous, excited, suspended by disbelief, and ultimately satisfied. The price is long, and it teaches you patience. Above all things I mention, I remain humble and remain focused on telling great stories. I have many more to tell and hopefully one of them will be worthy enough for film adaptation.
Q: Where can we watch those movies?
A: The Lurking Man is the first released title and is available on Amazon Prime TV. VUDU and many other platforms are forthcoming. That is a great intro to the film series.
Q: Sure, these novels are suspenseful, but there always seem to be something innately human about them. What feelings do you aim to evoke in readers as they finish your book(s)?
A: Realism is important to me, and that is why I always incorporate truth within my fiction. I feel when you blend truth, it allows the reader in to connect to each emotion running through the characters, so in my series, you can expect to feel desperation, fear, motivation, and eventually, elation.
Q: Are you working on anything right now? Can we expect more out of the Shade of the Reaper series?
A: I'm currently in the middle of what I believe to be my best book yet. I'm hoping to see it completed and renewed by year end 2020. This book is raw, emotional and very VERY personal. For now, the title will remain a secret. Visit to stay informed.

Thanks for checking out my interview with Keith Rommel! If you dare, take a chance on the first book in the series (The Cursed Man). When you close the last page, I'm confident you'll be crawling back for more.

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