Glenn "Hurricane" Schwartz’s “The Weathermaker” tops Milford House Press bestsellers for January

MILFORD HOUSE PRESS - Bestsellers for January 2020 (by Revenue)
Rank Prior Title Author Category
1 NEW The Weathermaker Glenn Schwartz Climate Fiction
2 Sage Bob Wood Western
3 2 Secrets of the Galapagos Sharon Marchisello Murder Mystery
4 NEW Summer Squall Sarah Jones Murder Mystery
5 15 Magic Diary Pat LaMarche YA
6 Dying for Vengeance J M West Murder Mystery
7 The Closer Alan Mindell Sports
8 The Sign of the Eagle Jess Steven Hughes Historical
9 3 The Vatican's Vault Barry Libin Murder Mystery
10 8 The Road to Lattimer Virginia Rafferty Historical
11 Darkness at First Light J M West Murder Mystery
12 Courting Doubt and Darkness J M West Murder Mystery
13 6 The Ghosts of Saratoga Ossont & Dampf Historical YA
14 Dead of Summer Sherry Knowlton Murder Mystery
15 Miss Feezenschneezen Is Ill David Parmalee YA