James Dohren’s “Windy City Stories” is the Brown Posey Press bestseller for March

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1 NEW Windy City Stories James Dohren History
2 2 The Reluctant RV Wife Gerri Almand Travel Memoir
3 1 Rainwalkers Matt Ritter Climate Fiction
4 5 The Court of Vintage Woods Josh Penzone Literary Fiction
5 -- Searching for Roy Buchanan Tory Gates YA Literary Fiction
Windy City Stories is a gathering of non-fiction stories created by the author, James Dohren, with the intent of making one of the greatest cities in the world memorable to visitors as well as life-long residents. Inside Windy City Stories the reader will discover scoundrels and visionaries, music and technology, great beauty and great terror, names famous and those lost to popular knowledge. The author has chosen his stories randomly to avoid the familiar and mundane with enjoyable and informative narratives which give depth and breadth to the twenty subjects found in his book. Even stories with seemingly familiar subjects will contain content which will inform and surprise. The author has written his stories in a light and often humorous vein when the subject allows or a darker style when the subject is more serious. You will find this a highly readable book. CONTENTS:
  • “The 77”: Chicago’s Neighborhoods
  • Getting Around Town: Chicago’s Street Railroads
  • The Windy City: Chicago Political Conventions
  • The City by the Lake: Chicago’s Front Yard
  • A Chicago Lakefront Gem: The Museum of Science and Industry
  • The Lakefront Legacy of Lenox Lohr
  • Vanity Fair
  • From Pleasure to Terror: Part One—The Iroquois Theater Fire
  • From Pleasure to Terror: Part Two—The Sinking of the SS Eastland
  • Chicago in the Air: A Tale of Three Airports
  • The Show Is Over: Chicago Neighborhood Movie Palaces
  • “Laugh Your Troubles Away”: Thrills and Chills at Riverview Amusement Park
  • A Captain’s Nation: Streeterville
  • The River Now Runs to the Sea
  • Chicago’s Railroads Sinks to New Depths: The Chicago RR CTA Subway and The Great Chicago Flood
  • Fire on the Water: The Terrible Crib Disaster of 1909
  • Chicago on the Air: Early Chicago Radio and Television
  • The Prairie Farmer Station: The WLS National Barn Dance
  • The Windy City’s Musical Gift to the World: Chicago Style Blues
  • Building the Ike: Construction of the Eisenhower Expressway
  • Spooky Chicago: Ghosts, Graveyards, Tragedy, and Murder

James Dohren is a long-retired public school history and government teacher. He grew up in Aurora , Illinois and taught 33 years in Downers Grove, IL. He and his wife of 52 years split their year between an independent living facility in Lancaster,PA and their winter home in a retirement community in Central Florida. James and his wife, Susan, have two daughters. Jen is a IT leader working for the Disney corporation in Orlando. Sarah is a vet tech in Lancaster.

James has a long-time affinity and experience with Old Time Radio. Once a month during the winter he prepares and presents an OTR program for friends featuring shows and background information. He is a successful free-lance writer specializing in memoir pieces for nostalgia magazines. He has one previously published book, Letters From A Shoebox published by Sunbury Press. It is based on a collection of Civil War battlefield and home front letters with commentary. James enjoys volunteering. After his retirement while still living in Illinois he was a generalist interpreter at a working history farm. He took central roles in Independence Day and Decoration Day programs as well as weekly activities. He also worked on a crew which fought invasive plants on a wetland prairie. In PA he volunteers at the acclaimed Landis Valley Museum and Farm where again he is an interpreter of the country store and the Landis Brothers House. James enjoys trivia games and is really good at Jeopardy.
by Jim Dohren
Trade paperback - 6 x 9 x .5
176 Pages
HISTORY / United States / State & Local / Midwest
HISTORY / Modern / General