Sunbury Press Bestsellers: The Bestselling eBooks of August 2020

Goodbye, August 2020. Hello, Sunbury Press Bestsellers!

We have published over 1,000 books. Not bad, huh? Going strong since 2004, we have always prided ourselves in our ability to find, publish, and promote the highest-quality books we can find. Since it's easy to get lost in the workflow, we like to step back at the end of every month to celebrate just how many readers were able to find our books during a 30-day period.

And August 2020 did NOT let us down. Both new books and older books reached the top five in their categories!

Top 100 Bestselling eBooks from Sunbury Press in August 2020

#1 Bestselling Book August 2020 Reluctant RV Wife by Gerri Almand

# - Author - Title (Imprint)

1. Gerri Almand – The Reluctant RV Wife (Brown Posey Press)
2. Linda Schwab -- Displaced (Sunbury Press)
3. Ronald Mayer – The 1932 New York Yankees (Sunbury Press)
4. Mike Campbell – Amelia Earhart: The Truth at Last 2 ed (Sunbury Press)
5. Joe Fair – Call Sign Dracula (Sunbury Press)
6. Dan Joseph -- Last Ride of the Iron Horse (Sunbury Press)
7. Lawrence Knorr, et al -- After the Pandemic (Sunbury Press)
8. Cynthia & W J Royce -- The Road to Villa Page (Sunbury Press)
9. Jerry Roth -- Bottom Feeders (Hellbender Books)
10. Jessica Weible -- Dead Letters (Sunbury Press)
11. Chris Fenwick – Wolf (Hellbender Books)
12. Barry Libin – The Vatican's Vault (Milford House Press)
13. Calvin Richardson – Do You, Without Them (Sunbury Press)
14. William & Amy Blocher -- Holocaust's Child (Sunbury Press)
15. Chris Fenwick -- Human (Hellbender Books)
16. Tom Copeland -- My War and Welcome to It (Sunbury Press)
17. Oxana Lapchuk -- The Journalist (Sunbury Press)
18. Paula Tucker – Surviving: A Kent State Memoir (Sunbury Press)
19. Chris Fenwick -- Fae (Hellbender Books)
20. William Cook -- Collision Course (Sunbury Press)
21. Ron Reitz -- Why vs What (Sunbury Press)
22. Carol Vento – The Hidden Legacy of World War II (Sunbury Press)
23. NAR -- Northern Appalachia Review Volume 1 (Catamount Press)
24. Mark Pendergrast – The Most Hated Man in America (Sunbury Press)
25. John Rayburn -- The Remarkable Big Band Era (Sunbury Press)
26. Helga Rist -- The Blood Letter (Sunbury Press)
27. Doug Beed – Chasing Understanding in the Jungles of Vietnam (Sunbury Press)
28. Karim El Koussa – Jesus the Phoenician (Ars Metaphysica)
29. Arthur Hoyle -- Mavericks, Mystics, and Misfits: Americans Against the Grain (Sunbury Press)
30. Idle Minds -- Pennsylvania Patriots (Sunbury Press)
31. Glenn Schwartz -- The Weathermaker (Milford House Press)
32. Doug Brode – Planet Jesus v2: Body and Soul (Ars Metaphysica)
33. Douglas Brode -- Planet Jesus Trilogy: Book Three: Hope & Glory Kind... (Ars Metaphysica)
34. Sherry Knowlton – Dead of Summer (Milford House Press)
35. Bridget Smith – Where Elephants Fought (Milford House Press)
36. Jane Austen -- Catharine or the Bower (Brown Posey Press)
37. Captain Hooter – Captain Hooter's Connoisseur's Guide to Amsterdam Co...(Sunbury Press)
38. Doug Brode – Planet Jesus v1: Flesh & Blood (Ars Metaphysica)
39. Milo Thornberry – Fireproof Moth (Sunbury Press)
40. Oliver Seneca -- When the Sky Goes Dark (Hellbender Books)
41. Van Carter – REMF (Sunbury Press)
42. William A. Cook -- America and the Automobile: A Historical Entertain... (Sunbury Press)
43. Peter Gibbs -- Murder at Henrys Fork (Milford House Press)
44. Marlin Bressi – Pennsylvania Oddities (Sunbury Press)
45. Charles Kniffen – Fifty Years in a Fox Hole (Sunbury Press)
46. Kristen Cunnane – Undoing Jane Doe (Sunbury Press)
47. Jason Altmire – Dead Center (Sunbury Press)
48. Cheryl Brooks – Chicken Bone Beach (Sunbury Press)
49. PJ Piccirillo – The Indigo Scarf (Brown Posey Press)
50. Sherry Knowlton – Dead of Winter (Milford House Press)
51. Sherry Knowlton – Dead of Spring (Milford House Press)
52. Jeffrey Zemler -- A Family for a Time (Oxford Southern)
53. Clarissa Jacobson -- I Made a Short Film, Now WTF To Do With It (Sunbury Press)
54. Kyle Alexander Romines -- The Whispers of the Crows (Hellbender Books)
55. Sam Zygner -- Baseball Under the Palms (Sunbury Press)
56. Jyssica Schwartz – You Are Not Alone (Brown Posey Press)
57. Sherry Knowlton – Dead of Autumn (Milford House Press)
58. Michele Livingston – Living in the Afterlife (Ars Metaphysica)
59. Joe Carvalko – The Techno-Human Shell (Sunbury Press)
60. Ossont & Dampf -- The Ghosts of Saratoga (Milford House Press)
61. Mark Carlson – The Marines' Lost Squadron: The Odyssey of VMF-422 Ki...(Sunbury Press)
62. Steven Wagner – Seinsoth (Sunbury Press)
63. Michele Livingston – Messages from Beyond (Ars Metaphysica)
64. Ben Myers -- American Citizen (Sunbury Press)
65. Kelly Park -- Just Like Me Volume 1 (Sunbury Press)
66. John Lindermuth – Hear the Whistle Blowing (Sunbury Press)
67. William Cook – Touring America by Automobile in the 1920s (Sunbury Press)
68. Michele Livingston – Inspirational Creatures (Ars Metaphysica)
69. Karim El Koussa – The Phoenician Code 2 ed (Ars Metaphysica)
70. Wendy Webb -- The Eye of the Gargoyle (Milford House Press)
71. Jim Remsen – Visions of Teaoga (Milford House Press)
72. John Cressler – Shadows in the Shining City (Milford House Press)
73. JC Gatlin – H_NGM_N (Milford House Press)
74. Karim El Koussa – Pythagoras the Mathemagician (Ars Metaphysica)
75. Scott Zuckerman – Dreams of My Comrades (Sunbury Press)
76. Kyle Alexander Romines – The Keeper of the Crows (Hellbender Books)
77. Sharon Marchisello – Going Home (Milford House Press)
78. John L Moore -- Bows, Bullets, and Bears (Sunbury Press)
79. Larry Lehmer -- Bandstandland (Sunbury Press)
80. Lawrence Knorr – Gettysburg Eddie (Sunbury Press)
81. Maryka Biaggio – Eden Waits (Milford House Press)
82. Steve Kious – Sherlock Holmes and the Crater Lake Adventure (Milford House Press)
83. L D Knorr – Dead Catch (Milford House Press)
84. Dennis Herrick – Winter of the Metal People (Milford House Press)
85. Patty Bialak – When the Numbers Don't Add Up (Milford House Press)
86. Pat LaMarche – Magic Diary (Milford House Press)
87. Jack Adler – The Apostate (Milford House Press)
88. Alan Craven – Till We Have Built Jerusalem (Milford House Press)
89. John Lindermuth – The Bartered Body (Milford House Press)
90. Miles Richards -- Wrestling with George (Sunbury Press)
91. Jon Hochschartner -- Puppy Killer, Leave Town (Sunbury Press)
92. Susan Daigneault – In the Shadow of a Mountain (Sunbury Press)
93. Jeffrey Geiger – German Prisoners of War at Camp Cooke, California K... (Sunbury Press)
94. L D Knorr – Site 22 (Milford House Press)
95. John L Moore -- Forts, Forests, and Flintlocks (Sunbury Press)
96. Lisa Hromada -- Love Is the Seed (Ars Metaphysica)
97. Fortress Publishing -- Satan's Petting Zoo (Verboten Books)
98. Jess Steven Hughes – The Wolf of Britannia Part I (Milford House Press)
99. Marlin Bressi -- Pennsylvania Oddities Volume 2 (Sunbury Press)
100. Marlin Bressi -- Hairy Men in Caves (Sunbury Press)

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