Chris Fenwick

June 13 , 2018

Rommel's Lurking Man

What if you died and were given a choice? Face to face with Death, he offers you a chance to right your wrongs with one more day on Earth, but for a steep price. This is the decision Cailean struggles with on an internal journey of repentence. She must wrestle with the reality of her many sins as she is forced to uncover her own dark memories. She is trapped beneath figurative and literal lights in a space unknown to man. "The Lurking Man" is the second book in the page turning Thanatology by Keith Rommel. This thriller will have you guessing alongside Cailean as she tries to piece together a life she does not remember. Truly, it’s a psychological roller coaster. Keith Rommel is a Florida author of horror and thriller. Each of the books in the Thanatology is based in truth and inspired by real people. “The Lurking Man” is imbued with themes of alcohol abuse, the trials of losing love, and battles against demons and addiction. Mr. Rommel says it is his hope that each reader will be able to identify with his characters for themselves or someone they know. His books are about making audiences pause and reflect on their own lifestyles. To get a copy of “The Lurking Man” visit: or listen to the audiobook on Audible