“A Short Season” by David Bohner and Jake Gronsky wins the Sunny Awards for Sunbury Press Bestseller in 2018 and Sunbury Press Book of the Year

Gronksy and Bohner's "A Short Season" about the short life of Josiah Viera was the 2018 bestseller for Sunbury Press, an imprint of Sunbury Press, Inc. of Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania. It was also selected the Book of the Year at Sunbury Press, Inc. About the Book: No parent is ever ready for a terminal diagnosis of their child. No mother should see the day where turning off your son's ventilator is the only option to end his pain. And no grandfather should see the day when your grandchild is scheduled to die in his mother's arms. But on September 10, 2005, this was the harsh reality facing our family, and this was the day we’d never forget. I am no pastor; nor a preacher. I am no miracle worker, nor a missionary. I am a struggling husband, a decent father, a survivor of brutal child abuse, and from the miraculous survival and extraordinary life of a Progeria child, I am a believer saved by the Grace of God through Jesus Christ. In A Short Season: Faith, Family, and a Boy's Love for Baseball, Dave Bohner, the story’s narrator and Grandfather to Josiah, and Jake Gronsky, former professional baseball player with the St. Louis Cardinals organization, tell the powerful story of Josiah Viera’s fight for life that not only sparked a family's journey towards healing but inspired a generation of baseball players from one of the most historic organizations in Major League Baseball. A Short Season is a story of hope; a story of acceptance; and a story of faith based on the idea that sometimes a person’s only journey to peace is first trekked through pain. A Short Season is a family’s journey through sorrow and joy, it is a baseball team’s inspiration, and it is the story of one exceptional child’s ray of hope that changed all of their lives forever. WHAT OTHERS ARE SAYING: “Josiah has a passion for baseball that transcends the sport. His story has inspired millions, and this book will impact everyone who reads it.” – Ben Houser, Senior Producer ESPN E:60

by G. David Bohner & Jake Gronsky
Trade Paperback - 6 x 9 x 1
240 Pages with b&w photos
FAMILY & RELATIONSHIPS / Children with Special Needs
MEDICAL / Diseases / Genetic