ANNAPOLIS, Md. -- Sunbury Press has released Anne Marie Drew's first novel "The Piano Bed," a historical young adult novel about an immigrant girl separated from her mother. tpb_fcAbout the Book: Caeli survives an earthquake, her father’s death, and an abrupt voyage from Italy to the United States. Now, she faces steely-eyed Nona Rosie who forces her to sleep in a piano and classmates who make her feel like an outcast. Worst of all, everyone believes her mother is dead. 10-year-old Caeli Farina refuses to give up hope. She knows her beloved Mama is alive and sets out to find her. Excerpt: With a cloth, Nona Rosie briskly dusted off the piano. Caeli coughed and waved the dust from her face. She had no idea what Nona was doing. If Caeli was supposed to sleep in this room, Nona better make a bed appear real quick, or at least get more pillows so the floor wouldn’t be so hard. Nona pulled the bench out from under the piano. “How I detest this thing. Sheer nonsense.” Nona could even be mad at a piano? “Utter foolery,” Nona snapped. “Angelina wanted this thing.” She watched as Nona unfolded the piano. She pulled down the entire front of the piano, easing it onto the floor, like one of those beds that unfolds from a wall. Metallic sounds came from the strings. Nona pulled a thin mattress from a closet and flung it on top of the open platform. Even more dust. More metallic sounds. She put white sheets on the now-bed, slipped the pillow into its case, and then covered everything with a white quilt. “There,” Nona said. “This will be your bed. About the author: Anne Marie Drew is an English Professor at the US Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD, where she teaches writing and Shakespeare. She’s served as Department Chair, Faculty Senate President, and Director of Masqueraders, the theatre troupe. She writes about everything from Shakespeare to spaghetti sauce. Mother to three children and nona to three granddaughters, she lives in Annapolis. And she has a puppy named Zucca. The Piano Bed Authored by Anne Marie Drew List Price: $14.95 5" x 8" (12.7 x 20.32 cm) Black & White on Cream paper 132 pages Sunbury Press, Inc. ISBN-13: 978-1620064573 ISBN-10: 162006457X BISAC: Juvenile Fiction / Historical / Europe Also available on Kindle and Nook For more information, please see: