Audiobooks Revamp

Chris Fenwick

March 18 , 2022

Audiobooks Revamp

By Fen Alankus

Our entire audiobooks department is in the process of being reorganized, and I will be the new coordinator. Here are some updates you should know about:

Partnership with Audiobook Production Companies 

We are now partnered with two audiobook production companies specializing in narration and distribution throughout the world. Working with these companies will streamline the audio production process for Sunbury Press and greatly improve sound quality and distribution outreach. 

Here’s how the process works: 

  1. Sunbury provides a curated list of books to the audio production company. 
  1. The audio production company approves the titles they believe will sell well in audiobook format. 
  1. We gather necessary information regarding the narration (i.e., male or female narrator) and send the updated cover art (based on your original book cover design). 
  1. The audio production company narrates the book, and we review that narration before the final cut. 
  1. The audio production company distributes the book out into the world and notifies us (and we notify you). 
  1. You share your amazing audiobook with the world via all your social media/PR platforms! 

*Note that audiobook production companies do not allow authors to record their own audiobooks. 

Audiobooks Already in Process 

Some of you are already in the process of audiobook production, and for various reasons, that production may be stalled. Those of you who are waiting to hear back about the status of your audiobook, please email me so I can help get things sorted for you. I will be engaging all previous talent, collecting equipment, and reassessing in-process projects over the next couple of months.