Thomas_M_MalafarinaCAMP HILL, Pa. -- Camp Hill, PA - Sunbury Press, Inc. announced today the signing of horror fiction author Thomas Malafarina for three works to be titled Ninety-Nine Souls, Thirteen Nasty Endings and Burn Phone. Thomas resides in Lower Heidelberg Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania. These are the first published works by the author. See for details. Regarding Ninety-Nine Souls: Thomas Malafarina's first novel is set in 1965 in his native Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania. A young boy is savagely disemboweled in the presence of his friends at an abandoned coal mine by an unidentified creature. During the investigation, which follows, a Philadelphia television reporter learns from an eccentric old codger a terrible legend about the disastrous history of the mine - a tale about a mine disaster many years ago in which three coal miners were trapped a mile below the surface. Out of desparation, one of the miners sold his 99 Souls Frontsoul to Satan in order to get revenge for the disaster. In return, Satan transformed this man into an immortal soul-feeding demon that must remain trapped in the mine until he gathers ninety-nine souls. How do you kill what can't be killed? How do you stop the unstoppable? Welcome to a place where terror reigns, where unspeakable horror and demonic savagery is the norm; where lost souls writhe and struggle for a freedom that may never come. Welcome to Coogan's mine; the home of Devil Dan. ISBN/EAN13: 1453653716 / 9781453653715 Page Count: 160 Binding Type: US Trade Paper Trim Size: 5.5" x 8.5" Language: English Color: Black and White Related Categories: Fiction / Horror Regarding Thirteen Nasty Endings: 13 Nasty Endings coverNot all stories have a "happy ending". Sometimes the forces of evil are just too strong to allow the characters, whether protagonist or antagonist, to survive unscathed. Sometimes it is because of revenge or sinister forces or simply bad Karma. Welcome to "Thirteen Nasty Endings", a collection of short horror stories by Thomas M Malafarina. In this disturbing world of terror and foreboding, virtually every story has the potential to end badly for someone. There will be no "happily ever afters" in this collection! This is definitely not a "feel good" compilation. Thirteen Nasty Endings guarantees that someone, whether deserving or not, will get it in the end. Thomas has put together an incredibly upsetting anthology of some of his most gory, horrifying, disturbing and bizarre tales for your reading pleasure. ISBN/EAN13: 1453655700 / 9781453655702 Page Count: 160 (estimate) Binding Type: US Trade Paper Trim Size: 5.5" x 8.5" Language English Color: Black and White Related Categories: Fiction / Horror