Get ready folks! We are about to embark on an exciting ride! Sunbury Press has just signed a publicity agreement with Cision, the world's largest media database. For years, we have used other press release services and our own targeted marketing emails from our own lists. To be frank, we were no longer getting incremental returns from our efforts.

So, we completely changed directions and jumped in the pool! We are now swimming with the big fish! Cision will give us access to over 1.6 million media contacts all over the world. We can now send targeted emails to up to 5000 media personalities at a time. This should be far more effective than just blasting a press release to no one in particular or hitting the same group of media personalities with every release. We will now be able to slice and dice this incredible list and find targeted audiences for each book.

We have deliberately held off on announcing any of our new releases this year until this service is in place, which should be early March. We'll keep you posted on our progress. In the meantime, if you have an upcoming or recent release, let's discuss the media we should best target.