Mechanicsburg, PA - Sunbury Press has released an improved edition of "The Mouse with the Broken Tail" by Dan Shutters and illustrated by Sharon Shiffler.

The Mouse with the Broken Tail The Mouse with the Broken Tail
ABOUT THE BOOK: Join Sam the mouse as he leads his mouse tribe from the dangers inside the house to the promised land Outside. Will they finally escape Faro the cat? Will they finally be free? Along the way, the group learns about hard work, creative thinking, and the benefits of self-sacrifice. However, the Outside is not without its own challenges! This charming tale gently deals with various issues that face children, the power of evil vs. the power of God, the reasons for warnings, faithfulness, and the ability to change among others. Rev. Dan Shutters wrote this parable of the Book of Exodus for use as a series of children's sermons. ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Rev. Dan Shutters was ordained in 1969 after graduating with a Master of Divinity degree from Waterloo Lutheran Seminary, Waterloo, Ontario. He is a pastor with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. He has been delivering messages for children for most of his ministry. Always in search of unique ways to communicate, he is a member of the Society of American Magicians, performing the stories from his book, "Magic in Ministry". In the early days of home computers he wrote "Farway" as an educational program for Lutheran World Relief which illustrated the problems encountered by bringing wells to African villages. In 1979, the Red Cross asked him to help with the children in the Hershey, PA shelter set up iduring the accident at nearby Three Mile Island. The Mouse with the Broken Tail Authored by Dan Shutters, Authored by Sharon Shiffler List Price: $9.99 7.5" x 9.25" (19.05 x 23.495 cm) Black & White on White paper 44 pages Sunbury Press, Inc. ISBN-13: 978-1620061893 ISBN-10: 1620061899 BISAC: Juvenile Fiction / Religious / Christian / Action & Adventure For more information, please see: