sunbury icon white Check out Deseret News coverage of Dr. Scott Zuckerman's work: Deseret News "Dreams of my Comrades is, blessedly, not just another misty-eyed WWII war story valorizing the flawless heroism of a soldier. Nor is it a cynical exposé of the horrors of war. It is, instead, a compelling humanist encounter between generations — the telling of the same story by one who was there and one who was not."

~ Brandi Chase

Book overview:

The Story of MM1C Murray Jacobs When a ninety-five-year-old World War II veteran from Utah agrees to reveal the untold details of his wartime experiences to a pediatrician from Brooklyn, an intense bond is formed between the two men, each of whom is taken on an unexpected journey in search of the truth. Dreams of My Comrades chronicles the life of Murray Jacobs, a former Navy Seabee, who served in the Pacific Theater and was treated for PTSD until his death at the age of ninety-eight. He agreed to a series of interviews, under the strict conditions that his real name could not be used, and the details of the conversations could not be disclosed to anyone until after he was dead.

Murray’s story is not one of heroism, nor does he portray himself as heroic in his narrative. In the course of his dialogue with the author, Murray confesses to wartime atrocities the likes of which have never before been heard. Despite his advanced age, his recollections are entirely lucid, and he describes the events of his life in vivid detail. As the conversations progress, however, the author comes to recognize the challenges involved in trying to depict history based on the account of a single elderly man. Discrepancies lead to doubts, doubts lead to disbelief, disbelief leads to investigation, and after exhausting all possible avenues of research, unanswered questions linger and tantalize. This is a unique story, one that will not only appeal to connoisseurs of history but to anyone interested in the psychology of the human condition. It is unlike any narrative ever told about a veteran of the Second World War.

Book review:

"Outstanding book. Not just for people who enjoy biographies or stories about World War II... This book is an excellent book for people who are interested in the stories of our World War II veterans that are slowly being lost to time, but it turns out that the book is so much more than the simple telling of one man's story of his service to our country. The book evolves into a complex journey of two men, the author and the subject, challenging the concepts of truth. In one man's story, it turns out there are many people's story, including the author. It is told in a warm, engaging manner that respects the subject matter, yet challenges it at the same time. The author takes on his own personal journey, sometimes funny and sometimes painful, of this intriguing and ever-evolving subject."

~ Michael Lucas, 5-star review on Amazon

About the author:

Dr. Scott Zuckerman was born in Brooklyn, New York, and attended Stuyvesant High School in lower Manhattan. His high school English teacher, Frank McCourt—who would later win a Pulitzer Prize for his memoir, Angela’s Ashes—inscribed in his yearbook, “You have displayed the writer’s gift. Cultivate it.” Forty years later, after a successful career as a physician, Zuckerman has heeded McCourt’s advice. Dreams of My Comrades was awarded first place in the nonfiction category of the 2015 Utah Original Writing Competition.

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