December 19 , 2018

Focus on imprints

One of the most important changes we implemented in the last two years was the introduction of additional imprints (beyond Sunbury Press) to address the variety of categories. This came about for several reasons:
1) Some authors of serious (academic) history books were complaining they were on the same label as children's books. This would be an issue when peer-reviewed.
2) Nasty scary horror thrillers were branded with a positive upbeat rising (yep -- not setting) sun.
3) Customers were confused about fiction books actually being nonfiction due to the Sunbury Press label.
It was clear that Sunbury Press as a brand had become associated with history and biography -- especially about Pennsylvania. We felt our other categories were likely suffering due to the lack of identity.
We are committed to continuing to publish in a variety of categories and created a number of imprints to address this. We have been publishing new titles under these imprints since then and have been refurbishing our back list as we are able. This will continue over the next couple years until all of our active titles are properly branded.
Now, while that is going on, we need to bring more attention to these brands and categories. To that end, I am suggesting we start quarterly brand meetings involving the authors under that label and the marketing staff. The goal will be to come up with brand-specific activities, opportunities, or collaborations that we can work together on.
For instance,
1) Imprint-specific contests
2) Imprint-specific conferences or conventions
3) Group advertising / marketing opportunities
4) Reviewing each other's books
5) Imprint-specific show(s) on the BookSpeak Network
... and many more.
As a reminder, here are our imprints. Become familiar with which imprint your book(s) are published under. Some of you deal with multiple imprints.
Ars Metaphysica -- paranormal, psychic, metaphysical, spirituality, Eastern philosophy F & NF
Brown Posey Press -- literary fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, politically left F & NF
Catamount Press -- this is our new imprint for the Northern Appalachian region F & NF -- more on this in upcoming newsletters (it has not launched yet)
Hellbender Books -- horror / thriller / fantasy F only
Milford House Press -- mystery/detective police procedural comedies romance YA this is our main Fiction imprint
Speckled Egg Press -- currently coming out of hibernation -- children's F & NF
Verboten Books -- edgy humor -- rated R+ F only
Sunbury Press -- our primary NF imprint -- history / biography / memoir / religion / science / economics / politics non-partisan
Jan/Apr/Jul/Oct - Sunbury Press / Hellbender (& Verboten) Books
Feb/May/Aug/Nov - Ars Metaphysica / Milford House Press
Mar/Jun/Sep/Dec - Brown Posey Press / Speckled Egg
Look for invites coming your way soon! These will be conference calls.