H A Callum’s “Whispers in the Alders” is the Brown Posey Press bestseller for September

BROWN POSEY PRESS - Bestsellers for September 2018 (by Revenue)
Rank Prior Title Author Category
1 NEW Whispers in the Alders H A Callum Literary Fiction
2 3 Happiness Is in the Kitchen Giulio Alberoni Culinary History
3 -- The Search for Judd McCarthy Dennis Clausen Literary Fiction
4 5 Live from the Cafe Tory Gates Literary Fiction
5 -- The Sins of Rachel Sims Dennis Clausen Literary Fiction
6 NEW Darker Gifts Stefan May Poetry
7 -- Shitepoke Michael Barton Humor
8 10 Roadman Stefan May Poetry
9 -- Hatched Robert Barsky Literary Fiction
10 -- Why Aren't You Sweet Like Me? Carrie Nyman Literary Fiction