December 19 , 2017

Imprint update

The feedback regarding our new imprints continues to be very positive. However, sales of the new imprints continues to lag our main imprint, Sunbury Press. This is primarily due to the following efforts that are ongoing:
1) Updates to Bowker -- all of the books in print -- to include imprint information.
2) Updates to Ingram to apprise them of the imprint changes.
3) Updates to Amazon for the same reason.
4) Updates to Baker & Taylor and Follett.
I am repeating the following reminder since so few of you reacted to it last month. Please give the following some thought:
This is a great time to think about other updates you might want to make to your metadata. Books that are selling will receive a rebranding -- change to the cover and interior. Have a look at your books and think about any improvements you might want to make:
1) Categories -- is there a more targeted category?
2) Reviews -- have you received any reviews from VIPs?
3) Awards -- have you won any awards?
4) ECommerce -- check your book on our website. Is it up to date? Do you have an author page on our site? We can help set this up.
5) Keywords -- think about keyword assignments you might want to try. This could improve your book's performance in online search.
Lastly, please be sure to like your imprint on Facebook. As we get into next year, we will be working with groups of authors associated with each imprint. Social media will be a big part of this.