December 19 , 2016

Introducing Terry

As the new year dawns, we are adding staff. Terry Kennedy has been hired to replace Christin Aswad, who has moved on. We wish Christin well in her new endeavors.
Terry is a talented artist and is very adept at digital design. He will be designing some of our book covers. He will also be taking over the initial marketing assistance for our authors.
Last year, we implemented 5 free hours of marketing support through our sister company Newberry Media Corporation. Christin was the primary provider of these services. We've now brought this back within Sunbury Press, and Terry will be taking it over.
As before, the five free hours are just that -- five hours of Terry's time per (new) title, Here are some things he can help with:
1) Establishing a Wordpress web site
2) Establishing social media accounts
3) Designing an author brand logo
4) Designing advertising like business cards, bookmarks, posters, etc.
5) Assisting with an email campaign or social media campaign
Authors who have had books released in the last two months or have an upcoming release may request time from Terry. He can be reached via email at: