We have begun a pilot of our new Blog Talk Radio channel. The goal is to regularly build content regarding each of our imprints and then use our social media connections and our Cision contacts to spread the word about our podcasts. Keith Rommel has already volunteered to host the Hellbender / Verboten imprints. He will be interviewing authors from these imprints and coming up with other clever programs.

We are currently looking for volunteers who want to host their own show on a regular basis. The show should be tied to the imprint you are affiliated with. Ideally, we are looking for authors who are able to operate the Blog Talk Radio dashboard and record and master the content prior to posting. If you are computer-savvy, have a decent radio voice, and want to spend the time to build your platform and the platforms of your fellow authors, send me an email.

We have the bandwidth to record many shows each month. After they are recorded, we can set them to play "on the air" and they are also available for download at any time. Sunbury Press is making the investment in this capability if enough of you are able to help build content. And don't worry -- if you were thinking about Hellbender or Verboten Books, I am sure something can be worked out. The more the merrier!