MECHANICSBURG, Pa. -- The Closer, Alan Mindell's heart-warming baseball novel, ranked #1 due to author activities in California. Mike Campbell's Amelia Earhart - The Truth At Last moved up on the list, taking #2, thanks to bookstore and library sales. tc_fcSunbury Press posted its worst month in two years in January due to the frigid weather, the owners' vacation to sunny Puerto Rico and focus on the opening of the Sunbury Press bookstore in Mechanicsburg. Additionally, the company did not release any new titles until very late in the month. Sales were down across the publishing industry due to record cold temperatures keeping patrons from bookstores in the midwest and northeast, Dennis Herrick's Winter of the Metal People, about the Tiguex War in New Mexico between the Spanish conqustadors and Pueblo Indians, jumped to #3 on the list, due to sales in the southwestern US. Judi Markowitz's The View from Four Foot Two, a medical memoir about her daughter, held strong at #4, thanks to media attention. Dr. Brandon Musgrave's medical school memoir, Hour 30, returned to the list at #5, thanks to ebook sales. Steve Kious's steam punk novel, Sherlock Holmes and the Crater Lake Adventure, debuted at #6, thanks to numerous reviews and a strong ebook promotion.. Barbara Matthews and Barbara Trainin Blank took the 7th spot with their self-help book What to Do About Mama?, a guide to caring for aging family shatcla_fcmembers, thanks to author activities. Stink Bomb, Ricky Bruce's children's book about life among the arthropods on the river bank, grabbed the 8th position thanks to author activities. Tony Julian's Pit Bulls, containing vintage photographs of pit bulls, remained in the rankings, taking #9 on the list, due to sales to dog enthusiasts. Jim Dohren's Letters from a Shoebox, sharing the civil war letters of several Indiana and Ohio soldiers, rounded out the list at #10 thanks to author activities. Following are the top overall print sellers by category: History / Memoir - Amelia Earhart: The Truth at Last by Mike Campbell Fiction - The Closer by Alan Mindell Horror/Mystery - Sherlock Holmes... by Steve Kious Children/YA - Stink Bomb by Ricky Bruce trob_fcThe Arts - Contemporary Photo Impressionists by T K McCoy Self-Help - What to Do About Mama? by Matthews and Blank Metaphysical/Spiritual - Jesus the Phoenician by Karim El Koussa Reference - Education Behind Bars by Christopher Zoukis The company released five new titles during the month of January: The Roar of Battle by Ted Brusaw, Max's Clips by Amanda Brown, Star Power by Jim Whelan and Doug Brode, Controversies in Criminology and Criminal Justice by Norbert Ebisike and Lowlife by John Timmerman. For a list of Sunbury's all-time best-sellers, please see the Sunbury Press web site: For a complete list of recent and upcoming releases, please see: