MECHANICSBURG, Pa. -- "Messages from Beyond", Michele Livingston's spiritual guidebook relating the popular medium's views on metaphysical topics, was #1 thanks to author events and activities. John Cressler's "Emeralds of the Alhambra," a soon-to-be-released historical romance based in medieval Spain ranked #2 due to pre-sales. Messages pubSunbury's sales for May 2013 were up 28% over May 2012, with growth in eBooks outpacing growth in print. "Our strong start continues," said publisher Lawrence Knorr. "Sales are up 49% year-to-date compared to last year. We've just returned from BEA with even more ideas on how to grow the top and bottom lines and increase opportunities for our authors." The just-released special Civil War edition of the "Keystone Tombstones" series by Joe Farrell and Joe Farley (with Lawrence Knorr) debuted at #3 thanks to author events and local interest. Mike Campbell's "Amelia Earhart - The Truth At Last" moved up a few notches, taking #4 on the list, despite TIGHAR's attempts to debunk the author's theories. Anthony Julian's "Pit Bulls," containing historic photographs of the pets with their families, continues to sell briskly, ranking #5. Charles "Ken" Godfrey's "The Final Charge," a revisionist history fantasy about the Battle of Gettysburg and Pickett's Charge, returned to the charts thanks to the pending 150th anniversary of the battle. Doug Brode's "Patsy!". about Lee Harvey Oswald's involvement, or lack thereof, in the Kennedy assassination, continued to sell well thanks to a national advertising campaign. Doug Gibboney's just released "More Scandals of the Civil War" debuted at #8 thanks to author activities. Shelly Frome's novel "Tinseltown Riff" grabbed a spot on the chart thanks to upcoming author events in Connecticut. Bob Ford's "Beagle Tales 3" rounded out the list thanks to author events. Following are the top overall print sellers by category: History / Memoir - "Keystone Tombstones Civil War" by Joe Farrell, Joe Farley & Lawrence Knorr Fiction - "Emeralds of the Alhambra" by John Cressler Horror/Mystery - "Of Guilt and Innocence" by John Scanlan Children/YA - "The Ghosts of Laurelford" by Margaret Meacham The Arts - "As a Guest of Clive Barnes" by Susan Emmi Self-Help - "Linnea's Kitchen: Yummy Ayurvedic Recipes and Life Lessons" by Linnea Jepson Metaphysical/Spiritual - "Messages from Beyond" by Michele Livingston Reference - "Linnea's Kitchen: Yummy Ayurvedic Recipes and Life Lessons" by Linnea Jepson The company released five new titles during the month of May: "Whimsy and Wry" by Guy Graybill "Diamond Madness" by William Cook "More Scandals of the Civil War" by Douglas Gibboney "More Bread, Please" by Markus Roberts "Keystone Tombstones Civil War" by Farrell, Farley & KNorr For a list of Sunbury's all-time best-sellers, please see the Sunbury Press web site: For a complete list of recent and upcoming releases, please see: