MECHANICSBURG, Pa. -- Sunbury Press has released Joanne Risso's latest childrens book "My Mom Is an Alien," dealing with immigration in a stimulating way. Dylan Matukaitis provided the illustrations. mmiaa_fcAbout the Book: My mom says she is an alien, but I am not so sure. She does sound funny when she speaks, and she eats weird food. Sometimes I think I see antennae sticking out the top of her head. She does not drive a spaceship, though, just a minivan. How can I really tell if she is an alien or not? You be the judge! My Mom Is an Alien humorously explores the concept of immigration to the USA from the perspective from an Australian woman. About the Author Joanne L.S. Risso was born and raised in Gippsland, Australia. She never had a pet platypus, but she did have a pet kangaroo named Fred when she was a girl. Joanne was classed as having ‘alien status’ by the U.S. government when she first immigrated to the U.S.A. She lives with her husband and four children in Central Pennsylvania. Please visit to learn more about the author, who does not really have green skin or own a spaceship, though she does sound funny when she speaks. About the Illustrator Dylan Matukaitis is currently a student at Arcadia University, Pennsylvania, where he is studying Graphic Design. He loves reading and drawing, and considers himself a professional at lip-syncing to songs on the radio or his iPod. His favorite color is blue and his biggest celebrity crush is Beyoncé. This is his first published work as a children’s book artist. My Mom Is an Alien Authored by Joanne L. S. Risso, Illustrated by Dylan Matukaitis List Price: $9.99 7" x 10" Color on White paper 32 pages Sunbury Press, Inc. ISBN-13: 978-1620064290 BISAC: Childrens / Family / Immigration For more information, please see: