MECHANICSBURG, Pa. -- Sunbury Press has released Tough Decisions for Young Women: How to Achieve Happiness Through the Choices You Make by Robin Reed. TD_fcTough Decisions is a personal journey and a gradual process for young women to find themselves within these confusing times. If you are struggling toward making right decisions you will find by reading this book that ultimately learning to make wise choices will give you peace of mind. Reading through these chapters will give one a sense of accomplishment and sense of self. Within the contents of Tough Decisions you will truly find out who you are, how to start building a life that give you ways to do this, choosing friendships that will give you positive support, developing self-respect that leads to confidence, understanding why self-respect is vital to your happiness, learning how to meet your goals without stressing out, and developing spirituality. Tough Decisions offers awareness into the process of attaining personal growth through stories, choosing fun activities outside of school, accounts of young women nationally as well as international, insight into the value of children's stories, and why emotional maturity will lead to better decisions toward partner commitments and relationships. Contents: Making Healthy Choices Toward Maintaining Self-Esteem Exercising the Power of Personal Introspection Getting Support: Making Friends Meeting Your Goals and Making Decisions Recognizing and Respecting the Growth of Love Your Acknowledging/Recognizing/Respecting Spirituality Overcoming Obstacles Pulling It All Together About the Author: OriginalRobinRobin is compassionate for animal rights, believes in living a healthy lifestyle, and enjoys tennis. She travelled throughout her life as well as schooling and living abroad. Robin has been working with young women most of her life in the teaching profession, a volunteer mentor for young women, a counselor, workshop presenter, as well as speaking to groups in various institutions. Robin received a B.S. from Boston University at the School of Public Relations and Communication. She also has an A.A. Degree from the Miami International University of Art & Design. Endorsed by: Larry Dossey, MD -- Author of nine books, Diplomat, American Board of Internal Medicine. Advisory positions on Hillary Rodham Clinton's Task Force on Health Reform, the Section on Alternative Medicine of the British Parliament, and lectured at major medical schools and hospitals such as Harvard, John Hopkins, Cornell, California, Texas, Minnesota and the Mayo Clinic. David McNally -- International business speaker, author of Even Eagles Need a Push, Learning to Soar in a Changing World, The Eagles Secret, and Success Strategies for thriving at Work and in Life. Award winning Producer of The Power of Purpose and If I Were Brave. David was elected in the prestigious Speaker hall of Fame. Tough Decisions for Young Women: How to Achieve Happiness Through the Choices You Make List Price: $14.95 5.5" x 8.5" (13.97 x 21.59 cm) Black & White on White paper 98 pages Sunbury Press, Inc. ISBN-13: 978-1620066287 ISBN-10: 1620066289 BISAC: Self-Help / Personal Growth / Happiness Coming soon on Kindle. For more information, please see: