VENICE, Fla. -- Sunbury Press and Random House best-selling author Paul Argentini (1926-2016) passed away on April 24, 2016. A resident of Venice, Florida, Paul was a World War II veteran Argentini_smwho was awarded the Combat Action Ribbon, and was exposed to ionizing radiation at Nagasaki, Japan. He was predeceased, in 2014, by the love of his life, wife Vera Argentini. The two teamed up for Paul's most popular Sunbury Press title "A Treatise: The Art of Casting a Fly" (2012). Vera provided the very accurate pencil drawings of fish and flies while Paul wrote the how-to narrative. Paul was the author of five novels published by Sunbury Press: "Charlie Caw" (2015), "The Spirit's Cabin on Lake Eagle Talon" (2014), "A Matter of Love in the Bronx" (2013), "The Fourth Nail" (2012), and "Jim" (2011). Three more novels are under contract, including "Kiss," "The Doubter," and "In Time for Life," and will be released over the next two years. totaocaf_fcoverPaul wrote the following plays: Full-length plays The Decisive Point The Secret of The Sea Island Mansion The Essence of Being King's Mate- Off --Off- Off Broadway Showcase Massachusetts Artists Foundation Playwriting Fellowship One Act Plays No Gas For Nick - Berkshire Theatre Festival Pearl Seed - Berkshire Theatre Festival My Pen Name's Mark Twain (written and performed in sixth grade) cc_fcTheatre Odyssey 2011 Ten-minute Play Festival The Ordinance - First Prize Winner Sarasota, Florida Paul's best-selling book published by Random House was Elements of Style for Screenwriters: The Essential Manual for Writers of Screenplays. He also co-authored, with Robert Boland, MUSICALS! Directing School and Community Theatre. Paul was presented with the American Association for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals highest medal for crossing ice to rescue a German Shepherd that had fallen through. Paul was a chef, specializing in home-made pasta dishes, and a baker with reknown carrot and Bronx cheesecakes. He was also a cabinetmaker specializing in Queen Anne and Shaker case pieces, jazz drummer and a teacher of fly-casting. His paintings, sculptures, and photographs have been in juried art shows. He and Vera had two daughters, Lisa and Mona. Following is a radio interview with Paul: teosIn the interview, when asked why he became a writer, Paul stated, "I realized it was the only thing I could do well." "Paul always had a great sense of humor," said publisher Lawrence Knorr of Sunbury Press. "He was a very talented and dedicated writer. We are honored to continue publishing his work and hope to see one or more of the novels made into films." For more information, please see: