KINGSTON, N.Y. -- Sunbury Press has released Paul Argentini's latest novel "The Spirits' Cabin on Lake Eagle Talon," a WW2-era coming-of-age tale set in the woods of upstate New York About the Book: The Spirit's Cabin on Lake Eagle Talon is a story of Native American Lore, a teenage couple’s abiding love, and ordinary people who are called upon to do extraordinary deeds. tscolet_fcExcerpt: 1940 The cabin was first a put-up-in-a-hurry forest lean-to before it started to look like a refuge a desperate hiker would seek out on a rainy, lightning-filled night. Joe Caruso wondered if some long-ago design had him decide to build it unknowingly in front of the site of an ancient Indian ceremonial fire pit complete with mystery and portent. Maddy Malloy had no such doubts. She knew the first time she put foot on the cabin’s site alongside Lake Eagle Talon, which was hidden in the lush, rolling Bekshire Hills of western Massachusetts. According to her sensations, its beginnings and construction lay in a design and plan arranged eons before. When Joe asked her how she knew that, she told him by the same knowledge that told her they knew each other in another time. They had only to take care they did not let their attraction to one other displease too much the jealous ancients. “Do you feel it?” “What?” “Shhhh! Shhhh! The sensations. Hold my hand. I’m getting goose bumps.” Joe wrinkled his brow, looked around slowly. “Like we’re not alone ... ?” “Yes. Like I feel sometimes when I’m in church. I get lost and this sensation comes over me.” “Like someone is standing right in front of me, nose to nose.” “Like ... another dimension ... ?” Joe felt the awe engulf him just as it did the first night he spent in the lean-to. He sat cross-legged Indian style in front of the fire. He stared off to the side. The sight made him blink rapidly and open his eyes widely. A rattlesnake was coiled, its rattle clicking. Shika-shika-shika-shika. Joe surprised himself. He felt not an iota of fear. He folded his hands in front of him, and felt compelled to welcome the visitor. He could not speak. He simply nodded his head. It was as if the snake was expected. Joe had no idea how long the snake was there. He had nodded off, then awoke to find it gone. Joe smiled, stretched out, and went to sleep. “Maddy, do you feel as if we have been transported to another dimension?” “Whatever it is, it is so weird. Do you still feel it?” “Yes! Like it’s a shroud covering us with magic spirits ...” “Like we were meant to discover it so we could be guided ...” “Yes, to acknowledge all its portents and blessings ...” “Yes!” “And tells us to follow the word! It says we are to take off all our clothes ...” “Crazy shit!” she said to Joe and didn’t talk to him for the next three days. Argentini_smAbout the Author: PAUL ARGENTINI is a Random House bestselling author and prize-winning playwright. He and lives in Florida. He has two grown daughters, Lisa and Mona. Also by Paul Argentini: Fiction A Matter of Love In Da Bronx The Fourth Nail – An Historical Novel Jim – A War-torn Love Story Non-Fiction A Treatise – The Art of Casting A Fly (Vera C. Argentini – Artist) Elements of Style for Screenwriters The Essential Manual for Writers of Screenplays (Random House Bestseller) MUSICALS! Directing School and Community Theatre (Robert Boland and Paul Argentini) Full-length plays The Decisive Point The Secret of The Sea Island Mansion The Essence of Being King’s Mate- Off --Off- Off Broadway Showcase (Massachusetts Artists Foundation Playwriting Fellowship) One Act Plays No Gas For Nick – Berkshire Theatre Festival Pearl Seed – Berkshire Theatre Festival My Pen Name’s Mark Twain (written and performed in sixth grade) Theatre Odyssey 2011 Ten-minute Play Festival The Ordinance – First Prize Winner Sarasota, Florida The Spirits' Cabin on Lake Eagle Talon Authored by Paul Argentini List Price: $16.95 5.5" x 8.5" (13.97 x 21.59 cm) Black & White on White paper 220 pages Sunbury Press, Inc. ISBN-13: 978-1620064351 ISBN-10: 1620064359 BISAC: Fiction / Coming of Age Also available on Kindle and Nook For more information, please see: