Sunbury Press has released Flesh and Blood, Doug and Shaun Brode's first installment of his new Planet Jesus series. About the Book: "The PLANET JESUS Trilogy is just CRAZY - in the most WONDERFUL and CREATIVE way. Highly recommended - a must-read!" -- Rod Lurie, director/writer/producer (KILLING REAGAN, COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF, STRAW DOGS, RESURRECTING THE CHAMP, NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH, etc.) Where The Twilight Zone meets The New Testament is where 'Flesh and Blood,' the first volume in the PLANET JESUS trilogy, takes place. In his latest novel, Douglas Brode, now collaborating with his son Shaun L., retells the old story of The Christ with a new twist: The angel Gabriel, who descended from the stars to impregnate Mary, wife of Joseph, with a Divine Child was actually an ancient alien. His purpose was to create a high-level hybrid race so that civilization on earth could rapidly advance. In "Book One: Flesh and Blood," Brode and Brode tell the tale of Jesus' childhood, from the earliest known adventures to that moment when, at age twelve, the Biblical hero appears to disappear from Israel. In "Book Two: Body and Soul," the team will offer an explanation of the so-called Missing Years. "Book Three: Hope and Glory," will re-evaluate the Return, the Mission, and the Crucifixion for 21st century readers. What the Bible takes at face value as inexplicable metaphysical occurrences will be analyzed in a realistic manner, if according to the belief (as expressed in such influential books as CHARIOTS OF THE GODS) that ancient deities, as crudely recorded on the walls of caves and later presented as sophisticated artworks) were not the product of early humankind's imagination but their attempts to document our First Encounters with extra-terrestrial beings. PLANET JESUS also develops the ever-expanding theory that The Savior may well have been a woman: The Daughter, rather than the Son, of Man. Think of this as "Close Encounters of the Christ Kind."

Doug at the well
About the Authors: DOUGLAS BRODE is the author of more than fifty books including novels, graphic novels, non-fiction, and media history. During his lifetime he has been employed as a radio personality, a TV talk show host, a regional theatre actor, and a multi-award winning journalist. As a multi-award winning educator, Brode created the Film Classics program for Syracuse University's Newhouse School of Public Communications. SHAUN L. BRODE received his Bachelor's Degree from the University of Central Florida's film directors program and earned his Master's Degree at Syracuse University. This marks his first collaboration with his father. Planet Jesus Trilogy: Book One: Flesh and Blood Authored by Douglas Brode, Authored by Shaun L Brode List Price: $19.99 6" x 9" (15.24 x 22.86 cm) Black & White on White paper 330 pages Sunbury Press, Inc. ISBN-13: 978-1620068458 ISBN-10: 1620068451 BISAC: Fiction / Christian / Fantasy For more information, please see: