April 19 , 2018

Publicity campaigns

We hired a new employee, Nicole Amenheuser, to be our Digital Marketing Assistant. Nicole boldly took the reins and began executing a couple test campaigns on the Cision platform. We were both very optimistic.
Then came the email. "Lawrence, we've hit our capacity."
"Capacity? What capacity," I asked. "For the day? For the week? For the month?"
"For the year," she replied.
"That can't be!" I exclaimed. I was beside myself. Given the amount of money we had invested in Cision, I was sure this was a mistake. However, after a brief phone call, I quickly learned I had invested in a lower-cost version of the platform used by "smaller organizations." Apparently our salesman did not explain that very well, or I had visions of sugar plums while he was thinking dollar signs.
Fortunately, the situation was quickly resolved. I decided to up the ante and invest in the unlimited level of service. This means as many campaigns and emails as we can do, we will do. Nicole and I are in the process of catching-up that will ultimately bring in every one of you. First up are the most recent releases and then we'll work our way back. In the meantime, think about how we might hook the media on your books. We can tap up to 1.6 million people-- everyone who is anyone in media in the United States is in this database. Preliminary results have garnered a radio or news interview for about every 1000 emails sent. We also received some review and promotional opportunities.
Another thing to think about is taking advantage of Amazon's algorithm for "Also Bought" marketing. I have attached the article below. There are some interesting ideas here. Anyone interested in collaborating on this, please let me know.