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Dennis M. Clausen Ph.D. recently expanded in the psychology world with his new book, The Sins of Rachel Sims. Intrigued with the psychological themes of the novel, Psychology Today published his short essay, "The Search for Identity in American Literature and Life" to their website.

Psychology Today is a well-known magazine that publishes information about psychology, self-care, and academic findings. The magazine's website also helps readers find therapists, treatment facilitates, and other support near them.

The magazine recently reached out to Clausen to begin a discussion about his two fiction novels, The Sins of Rachel Sims and The Search for Judd McCarthy. Both books capture themes of women, psychology, identity, and mystery.

In the essay Clausen wrote for Psychology Today, he discusses finding identity through academic literature and how the characters in his book reflect psychological identities within themselves.

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The Search for Identity in American Literature and Life

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