16651_657981604262029_893335259_nMECHANICSBURG, Pa. -- The Sign of the Eagle, Jess Steven Hughes' Roman historical fiction novel, ranked #1 due to author activities in the Pacific Northwest. Jess has been diligent at making appearances at book stores in his region, preferring the Hastings chain over Barnes and Noble. About The Sign of the Eagle: This breathtaking historical novel of action and suspense is set in the year 71 A.D. amid the exotic and vibrant streets of Ancient Rome. Macha, the strong-willed daughter of a legendary Celtic British king and wife of the Roman tribune, Titus, is the only one who can prove her husband innocent of treason, solve the murders of two slaves who possessed information that could have exonerated Titus, and ultimately save the life of the Roman Emperor Vespasian. sote_pub Vivacious and iron-willed, Macha undertakes a dangerous journey and fight for her life to evade assassins through the city's treacherous back alleys, notorious bath houses, and the awe-inspiring palaces of the Roman elite. With time running out to save her husband and the emperor from certain death, Macha can count on only two allies, the esteemed Senator Bassus-a family friend-and her faithful slave, a resolute and clever Moorish woman, Shafer. Arrayed against Macha and Titus are the wealthy and wicked Pollia, once scorned as a bride by Titus, and Falco, a military tribune and womanizer, who offers to be Macha's protector once Titus is condemned and executed. Join Macha in her quest to exonerate her husband...and discover the real threat against the Emperor... Though still impacted by weather, Sunbury Press sales recovered from January, posting a 48% gain month to month. However, the February number was still down from February 2013, and even with February 2012. Karim El Koussa's Jesus the Phoenician moved up on the list, taking #2, thanks to export sales to Lebanon. Alan Mindell's baseball love story, The Closer, last month's #1, slipped to #3. Keith Rommel's The Cursed Man, the 2010 psycho-thriller now being made into a Hollywoood movie, finally broke through the top 10, thanks to regional sales in southern Florida and increasing interest worldwide. Judi Markowitz's The View from Four Foot Two, a medical memoir about her daughter, held strong at #5, thanks to media attention. John Scanlan's new release, Victims of Circumstance, debuted at #6 thanks to author activities and regional interest in Florida. Amanda Brown's Max's Clips led the childrens category, cutting in at #7 thanks to author and illustrator activities. Star Power, Jim Whelan and Doug Brode's self-help book, applying Hollywood techniques to your day-today life, ranked #8 thanks to author activities. Tony Julian's Pit Bulls, containing vintage photographs of pit bulls, remained in the rankings, taking #9 on the list, due to sales to dog enthusiasts. Dennis Herrick's Winter of the Metal People, about the Tiguex War in New Mexico between the Spanish conqustadors and Pueblo Indians, slid to #10. Following are the top overall print sellers by category: History / Memoir - Jesus the Phoenician by Karim El Koussa Fiction - The Sign of the Eagle by Jess Steven Hughes Horror/Mystery - The Cursed Man by Keith Rommel Children/YA - Max's Clips by Amanda Brown The Arts - Contemporary Photo Impressionists by T K McCoy Self-Help - Star Power by Jim Whelan and Doug Brode Metaphysical/Spiritual - Jesus the Phoenician by Karim El Koussa Reference - Education Behind Bars by Christopher Zoukis The company released three new titles during the month of January: Victims of Circumstance by John Scanlan, The Death of Obsession by Ray Fashona and Fatal Snowby Robert Walton. For a list of Sunbury's all-time best-sellers, please see the Sunbury Press web site: http://www.sunburypressstore.com/BESTSELLERS_c3.htm For a complete list of recent and upcoming releases, please see: http://www.sunburypressstore.com/COMING-SOON_c47.htm