MECHANICSBURG, Pa. -- Sunbury Press has released The Small Book of Practical Wisdom for Regular People by Terry Ray. About the Book: "There is a vast ocean of information available today …and barely a drop of Wisdom." case5.000x8.000.inddYou will not find any ancient Chinese wisdom nor mysterious quotes from The Tibetan Book of the Dead in this book. The practical insights found here are 100 original sayings by the author. Reminiscent of a modern day Mark Twain, Terry Ray's wisdom and wit grew out of the experiences of his chaotic, adventurous, happy, tragic, confusing, loving, brokenhearted, betrayed, accomplished, failed, successful, unpredictable life. The author's autobiography in bullet points: • Born and raised in a four room mill house heated by a small coal stove • One big mean older brother, two cold unloving unhappy parents • Bizarre number of deaths surrounding childhood • Life on the streets, other eccentric neglected boys, games, fights, trouble, arrests • Smart, no direction, athletic, considered cute by the girls, paid off well • Surprise escape from neighborhood via full athletic scholarship • Unhappy, dropped out of college, wandered a year in Europe alone • Back to college, summers hitch hiked U.S., surprisingly graduated with decent grades • War, military pilot, injured, hospitals, many lost buddies, medical discharge • Married, kids, master's degree, law degree • Elementary school teacher, trial lawyer, estate planner, law professor, novelist • Several divorces, nine kids, bankrupt, welfare, financial success, some fame • US Congress run, radio talk show host, morning TV personality • Stage actor, director, singer, tap dancer, bit parts in movies • Met four U.S. presidents, ten grandchildren, excellent cook • Last living member of my original family, watercolor artist, skilled builder • Cheated death too many times, odds are rising against • Comedian, single, live alone, visit kids and grandkids, love them • Still athletic, play football, baseball, basketball with kids, still boxing • Kind of happy, laugh a lot, cry sometimes, always singing • Go on many adventures looking for myself The Small Book of Practical Wisdom for Regular People • Hardcover • Publisher: Sunbury Press, Inc. (November 30, 2016) • Language: English • ISBN-13: 978-1620067420 • Product Dimensions: 8 x 0.5 x 5 inches • Shipping Weight: 1 pound For more information, please see: