Harry Levins wrote a special to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch giving his insights on Joe Regenbogen's nonfiction book, The Boys of Brookdale. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch is known as the No. 1 St. Louis site for news, sports, and entertainment. Their website offers local breaking news, information, and special reports. The Boys of Brookdale makes a good fit for their bookshelf of reviews because the nursing home where Joe Regenbogen interviewed the featured Veterans is located in St. Louis. Regenbogen's book tells the story of 16 Veterans, who lived through the Second World War. Levins, the reviewer, comments how people should cherish these 16 stories in Regenbogen's novel since three of the Veterans have unfortunately now passed. Regenbogen also explained how these Veterans take great pride in knowing their story is being told to others. To read the review and learn more information on the book: St. Louis Post-Dispatch To purchase: Sunbury Press Store sunbury icon white