Sunbury Press: When you came into The Cursed Man movie, you’d already been in a very popular movie. Can you tell everyone what movie that is? headshot3 edited without bowJim Tavare: My biggest movie role to date was Tom the Innkeeper in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban but maybe The Cursed Man will change all that! The Potter franchise has been very good to me despite being on screen for a mere 5 minutes. My kids went to all the after parties and met Snape and Dumbledore, I still sign at Harry Potter conventions all over the world and the royalties come in handy too! SP: You play the role of ‘Terry' in The Cursed Man movie. Can you tell us a little about the character? JT: Terry is the janitor of the hospital. He fights hard to preserve the status quo of the institution he has worked in for many years but things change when the Cursed Man is admitted…. SP: You have a very successful career outside of acting. Can you tell everyone what you do? JT: When I first left drama school (RADA) I found the idea of waiting around for the phone to ring a little soul destroying so I embarked on a long stand-up comedy career culminating in my own TV series on BBC and a finalist spot on Last Comic Standing in the US. I’ve since built fans stateside and am able to eke out a pretty good living because acting can be a fickle mistress. I have played in the front of HM the Queen on several occasions and even briefly acquired a reputation as Prince Charles’ favourite comic. SP: Producer Jim Perry just announced the release date as being October 31st … Halloween night, 2016 at the Alex Theater in Glendale, CA. Can we expect to see you there and what do you think of the venue? JT: I will most certainly be there because I live right around the corner! I'm excited because I have two films for release on Halloween. SP: I know people are curious how comedians come up with material. How do you develop material to present to audiences? JT: A lot of my material comes from my everyday experiences. I found when I moved to the US I found an entirely new angle of being the Englishman abroad and this led to a considerable amount of material. I use music in my act to punctuate my comedy. Think I'm the only comic in the world who does stand-up with an upright bass. SP: Can you tell us what it was like to be on the set of Harry Potter, how well the costume fit and whether or not you got to keep it? JT: My costume was fun to wear and I was in make-up about 3 hours in make each day. When I first joined the cast Alfonso Cuaron told me his favourite movie was the The Young Frankenstein. I said “Hey - mine too!” He said “Then just do Igor!” That is where my huge hump came from. I got to keep one or two of my costume items form the set - namely my prosthetic ears but they disintegrated after about 3 months. I also got to keep the silver garters that held my shirt sleeves up although I think my kids have them now. SP: What is it like behind the scenes when filming a feature? JT: Waiting, waiting and more waiting… Stand-up comedy is way more solitary than acting but in a movie it's fun being part of a team and a piece of the jigsaw that completes the story. I really like to collaborate with actors, writers and directors. Acting in film is very technical too and you never stop learning from other people. SP: Did you find anything ‘special’ about the character of Terry you played in The Cursed Man movie? JT: I always try to find some common ground between me and the character I'm playing. I try and make it interesting, however small the role. Acting is about making interesting choices. SP: Please tell everyone what you are up to and where they can find out more about you and follow your career. JT: I have a number of movies in production right now including a nice role in I Spit On Your Grave: Deja Vu and I'm currently working with Grammy Award winning singer Shelby Lynne on her movie The Magnificent Room. I'm always touring my comedy around the world. New tour dates can be found at or there’s always Twitter…. About the Premiere: World Premiere of THE CURSED MAN movie – Alex Theatre in Glendale, CA. Halloween Night October 31, 2016 – 7pm to 11pm – Party before and after. This may be the greatest movie premiere on Halloween Night in the History of the Alex Theatre. For more information about the venue, please see: tcm_fc newAbout the Book: Alister Kunkle believes death is in love with him. A simple smile from friend or stranger is all it takes to encourage death to kill. With his family deceased and a path of destruction behind him, Alister sits inside a mental institution, sworn to silence and separated from the rest of the world, haunted by his inability to escape death’s preferential treatment. But when a beautiful psychologist arrives at the institution and starts offering him care, Alister braces himself for more killings. When none follow, he tries to figure out whether he truly is insane or if death has finally come to him in the form of a woman. About the Author: Keith Rommel is an award-winning author of ten novels and is an award-winning screenwriter. His writing has been called, “Horror for the curious mind.” His first two novels, The Cursed Man and The Lurking Man are at various stages of production to become motion pictures. 2016. The Cursed Man Authored by Keith Rommel List Price: $14.95 5″ x 8″ (12.7 x 20.32 cm) Black & White on White paper 222 pages Sunbury Press, Inc. ISBN-13: 978-1620063682 ISBN-10: 1620063689 BISAC: Fiction / Thrillers About The Cursed Man Movie (2016): MV5BMTQzNDYxNjkyMF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwNDE2MDUxMjE@._V1_UY268_CR6,0,182,268_AL_Alister Kunkle believes death is in love with him. A simple smile from friend or stranger is all it takes to encourage death to kill.

Director: James L. Perry

Stars: Brahm Gallagher, Brinna Locke, Maritza Brikisak

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