January 19 , 2018

Tuesday = PubDay

Going forward, we will be releasing our books on Tuesdays. We have played with release schedules over the years. Initially we just released whenever we were ready on any day of the year. This evolved to releasing all books on the first Tuesday of each month to now Tuesdays between late January and Thanksgiving.
Why not December and early January? These are terrible times to release books -- sales results have rarely been worthwhile. It is hard to get momentum for a release -- and our staff is taking a lot of time off over the holidays. So, in the future, we will avoid these times for book releases.
Why Tuesday? Because very few holidays fall on Tuesdays and most people are in the office Tuesday through Thursday and the publishing industry has always seemed to like Tuesday. I don't know -- I guess it is early in the week, but not too early.
So! Tuesday, January 22, will be the first releases for 2018. From there, we will slot books for Tuesday releases as they come out of the oven.