April 19 , 2019

TV shows and awards

This past month brought even more good news for the Press. Karim El Koussa has been with us since 2010 when we published his historical novel Pythagoras the Mathemagician--he's been with us as long as Thomas Malafarina and Keith Rommel. We have published his retelling of the history of Jesus based on Phoenician records and artifacts in his native Lebanon. This book, Jesus the Phoenician, has been one of our bestsellers of all-time. It is our most exported book. We were also very fortunate that Karim sent us his novel The Phoenician Code, an action-adventure that delves into many of the mysteries discussed in his nonfiction book about Jesus.
Karim hails from Lebanon -- the country -- not the town in Pennsylvania. He has visited us on two occasions, even presenting at our bookstore when it opened at 50 West Main in Mechanicsburg. While the bookstore is no more, Karim has endured. Now, we hear The Phoenician Code has been picked up by Northern Star Pictures to be a five-season TV show in the US and worldwide. Nick Tarabay, a Lebanese-American actor, will play the lead. He is best known for his role in Spartacuson Starz. He also appeared in Sex and the City, The Sopranos, and numerous other television and movie roles. This will be a fun ride for Karim. The book was published seven years ago, but it will only now be gaining prominence. I am sure it will continue to be a bestseller at Ars Metaphysica for some time to come.
Kristen Cunnane is the author of Undoing Jane Doe, the gripping story of her escape from sexual abuse as a teen by a teacher and then a coach. Subsequently, she helped put her perpetrators behind bars. Her book has been one of our better sellers since its release in early April. Late last month Kristen was on the Dr. Oz show where her book was featured. The show was taped and has yet to air. We will let you know when it does.
Also this month we got word that our book A Short Season, about the incredible life and faith of a boy with progeria who loved baseball and inspired others, has been awarded the top prize in the Family category of the Christian Independent Book Awards. Authors Jake Gronsky and G. David Bohner were thrilled to hear the news. It helped to remove some of the sting of losing Josiah Viera who was David's grandson. Josiah passed away late last year, but always provided those around him with a positive outlook on life despite his near-hopeless predicament. Josiah will be missed, but the book about him will now be read by many more. May his story never be forgotten.