25 Debut Books from Multi-Book Authors

Joe Walters

April 24 , 2020

25 Debut Books from Multi-Book Authors

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Hey YOU! How about some good reading to pass the time? In this list, we've put together the first book of every series we've ever published so that you can get lost in new worlds, new characters, and new crazy scenarios.

Check out these debut books in genres including mysteries, speculative fiction, general fiction, and nonfiction.

Mystery, Thriller, & Suspense

Rising Sun Descending is the first book by Wade Fowler

Rising Sun Descending

As journeyman journalist Revere Polk investigates the 40-year-old murder of his great-uncle a cold case suddenly comes to a full boil. What did Uncle Jake's top secret, but ill-fated, mission to Tokyo in August of 1945 have to do with a modern-day plot to assassinate the president of the United States?

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Murder in tuxedo park is William Lemanski's first novel

Murder in Tuxedo Park

During the later nineteenth century, the wealthy community of Tuxedo Bark becomes the stalking-ground for one of America’s most heinous, early serial killers. The murder and mayhem continues unabated until an eccentric and brilliant young scientist and his alluring new acquaintance begin their pursuit.

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book covere for Phoenician Code by Karim El Koussa

Unveiling the Secrets of the Holy Grail

The Phoenician Code is a novel based on astounding historical and religious facts. Manipulated by the underground lobby since the coming of Christ, and revealed today by The Phoenician Code, those hidden facts come to light to reassess some major realities.  Much more than just an antithesis to The DaVinci Code.

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book cover for thriller novel Ded Reckoning

Ded Reckoning

The blast is shattering. Hunter is momentarily stunned. Samantha his "handler" and last night playmate, gone. He sees the bomber and springs into action. The mission: find and terminate Pisces, a former agent, now turncoat and International assassin. 

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A Brother's Cold Case by Dennis Herrick book cover thriller


A Brother's Cold Case

When the murder of Andy Cornell's brother is still unsolved after two and a half years, Andy enters Albuquerque's hidden worlds of cartel violence, street people, and Pueblo secrets to find justice.

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Murder Run by Shelly Frome book cover, debut thriller novel

Murder Run

In this crime novel, a wayward handyman grapples with the suspicious death of his employer, a fragile choreographer who secluded herself in the Litchfield Hills. As the fallout mounts, the reader is taken to various locales in and around Manhattan, an escapade in Miami Springs and back again to the hills of Connecticut until this twisty conundrum is finally laid to rest.

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Death Knell of the Caliphate by Scot McCauley

Death Knell of the Caliphate

David Andrews, the United States President, has convinced his most trusted friend (Cole Palmer) to personally convey his new Middle East strategy to the region’s established power brokers with the view to end the Sunni-Shia sectarian struggle before all-out war breaks out…a war that could change the face of the earth as we know it. 

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A little indiscretion Joseph Tarone book cover thriller novel


A Little Indiscretion

What happens when a traveling salesman accidentally meets an attractive woman at the mall? Joe Tarone's latest novel takes many unexpected twists and turns through murder and indiscretion. 

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something so divine by JR Lindemuth Crime Mystery Thriller debut

Something So Divine

When a young girl is found murdered in a Pennsylvania rye field in the autumn of 1897, Ned Gebhardt, a feeble-minded youth known to have stalked the victim, is the prime suspect. Influenced by the opinions of Ned’s stepsister and Ellen, a woman who has perked his interest, Simon Roth, the investigator, is inclined to give Ned benefit of the doubt. Then he discovers damaging evidence.

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riding the float by doris wilbur

Riding the Float

When Ben Carlisle falls in love with Karen, she works alongside him to help make his dream come true. He wants to expand his small dairy farm that he inherited from his father in the green hills of northern Pennsylvania. Suddenly, through no fault of their own, they face the possibility they may lose everything. Journey with them as they must go up against powerful leaders in the community who have a sinister plan to make money and hide corruption.

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going home sharon marchisello book cover murder mystery

Going Home

Michelle DePalma expected to jet into Two Wells, Texas, check on her elderly mother, and hurry back to her orderly life in Atlanta, where she has a happy marriage and satisfying career. Instead, she finds her mother, Lola Hanson, hovered over the bludgeoned body of her caregiver...This book crosses into the mainstream genre of women's fiction and touches increasingly common issues such as elder abuse and end-of-life decisions.

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Speculative Fiction

death by internet Joseph Carvalko


Death by Internet

The spirituality of nature confronts technology to discover the essence of mercy and cruelty. Carvalko takes the reader to the outer edge of technology and ethics in a speculative fiction that evokes the bizarre power of the Internet to reveal if the world is merciful.

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sucked into cyberspace novel by ricky bruce

Sucked into Cyberspace

When he learns that his father has disappeared from Caldecott Preparatory (aka CPU), one of the most prestigious computer and technology schools in the country, eleven-year-old Ty Hansen enrolls in the school in hopes of solving the mystery. He finds challenging classes at CPU, a game called VOLT, and clues about his father's disappearance.

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Sherlock Holmes mystery adventure Oregon Crater Lake


Sherlock Holmes and the Crater Lake Adventure is a mystery/adventure tale set in 1897 in Southern Oregon in the Gold Rush town of Jacksonville and at Crater Lake. Sherlock Holmes, Dr. Watson, and Jules Verne combine efforts with Oregon historical figure Peter Britt to determine the link between the sudden, baffling appearance of an airship and the harassment and murders of gold miners.

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General Fiction

sipping whiskey debut novel mark mitten

Sipping Whiskey in a Shallow Grave

It is 1887. Snow is falling in the high country of Colorado. Bill Ewing led a bank heist in the small mountain town of Kinsey City — but just woke up tied to the back of a mule. Sipping Whiskey in a Shallow Grave is an epic novel chronicling Bill Ewing’s gang of thieves and the posse that takes after them, the cowhands of the B-Cross-C, and the unexpected turns of life which bring them all together.

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the savage apostle novel debut


The Savage Apostle

Thoroughly grounded in years of research, The Savage Apostle, is an exciting and colorful account of the events leading up to King Philip’s War, the costliest war per capita ever fought on American soil. Moreover, it is an exemplary lesson for today’s world where divisiveness and conflict are so often brought about by racial and religious intolerance.

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the b team by alan mindell book cover 

The B Team

A one-eyed racehorse in the Kentucky Derby? His biggest fan is a young boy, himself with only one useful eye. Seven people, all at key stages of their lives, combine to purchase the horse, One-Eyed Bandit, from a claiming race at Santa Anita. What follows is the heartwarming chronicle of the horse’s remarkable journey and the inspiration he provides his owners.

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through a glass darkly by hugh fox 

Through a Glass Darkly

Through a Glass Darkly contains 22 literary short stories by the legendary author and poet Hugh Fox. Praise for Hugh Fox:

"Hugh Fox is the Paul Bunyan of American Letters, part myth, part monster, and, myself-as-subject, a magnificent non-stop storyteller." - Bill Ryan, The Unborn Book

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The Spirits Cabin by Paul Argentini 

The Spirits' Cabin on Lake Eagle Talon

THE SPIRITS' CABIN ON LAKE EAGLE TALON is a story of Native American Lore, a teenage couple’s abiding love, and ordinary people who are called upon to do extraordinary deeds.

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bang story of The Bang band music nonfiction

 The BANG Story

In the summer of 1971, BANG, a trio from the Philadelphia area, decided to take a road trip to Florida to try their fortune. While buying some rolling papers in the Sunshine State, they learned about a Small Faces and Deep Purple concert nearby in Orlando. They showed up at the venue and brazenly declared they were ready to go on stage.... 

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bob cousy oscar robertson basketball teammates story Collision Course

 Collision Course

While Bob Cousy had been credited for saving professional basketball in Boston as a player, he is also credited with destroying professional basketball in Cincinnati as a coach. The uneasy relationship in Cincinnati between Cousy the coach and Robertson the player fueled by leftover competitive conflict from their days as players on the hardwood would become a collision of will between them and render the Royals franchise dysfunctional.

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what do you say book cover caregiving

 What Do You Say?

This is the 25th anniversary edition of What Do You Say? Its first publishing necessitated further printing. Once out of print, requests kept coming for a new edition. Twenty-five years after its release, it was still being used as a model of discovering the blessing of our elders. Its truths more than ever speak to the larger hunger and urgency of engaged listening in an isolating, disconnected world.

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let me carry you home by susan kiskis


Let Me Carry You Home

A decade ago, a group of bald men in saffron robes made music under a yellow tent on Toronto Island. A large Indian community joined them, offering Susan and her family free food. Little did she know, that years later, she would get to know the Hare Krishnas more intimately.

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love is the seed lisa hromada


Love Is the Seed

In Love is the Seed: Teachings from the Spirit World, Lisa Hromada shares a fascinating collection of conversations with Spirit that reconnect you to the love of God, provide a passage to discover your purpose and inspire you to relax in the knowing that you are infinitely guided.

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inspirational creatures book cover

 Inspirational Creatures

Have you ever lost a beloved pet and wondered if they go to Heaven like humans do? Have you felt the presence of a departed pet or animal or had dreams about them? Do you have a pet that seems like the reincarnation of a departed pet? If you can answer “yes” to any of these questions, or if you just love animals, you will love the many true, heartfelt stories Michele Livingston has carefully selected for this book.

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