3 True Stories from the Holocaust

Joe Walters

April 21 , 2020

3 True Stories from the Holocaust

It is Yom HaShoah, or Holocaust Days of Remembrance Week.

Orchestrated by the US Congress and the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, the Holocaust Days of Remembrance Week is dedicated to observances and remembrance activities nationwide between April 19, 2020 to the April 26, 2020. To join in on this week of remembrance, we're turning to three amazing true stories from the Holocaust, as published by Sunbury Press.

3 Unbelievable True Stories from the Holocaust

The Journalist a holocaust story by Oxana Lapchuk book cover  Displaced A true Holocaust Story by Linda Schwab from Sunbury Press  Holocaust's Child from Sunbury Press

About the Books


The Journalist, a story unlike any other Holocaust memoir, not only depicts life in a concentration camp, but also the death marches, a bold escape, the days of wandering in the forest dodging Nazi troops, the unceasing pangs of hunger that were finally satiated, the years of searching and longing to live in a free country. This is a book you cannot put down because it draws you into the life of the journalist and compels you to keep reading to find out the outcome of his fate. Will he live to fulfill his destiny or will his life be cut short because the chances of his surviving seemed impossible?

The Journalist is not just a book about how one man survived the Holocaust, but also the principles he practiced that eventually allowed him to triumph in the midst of overwhelming odds. This fast-paced true story leaves the reader breathless and astonished at the tenacity and resolve of the journalist to forge ahead when others gave up the struggle. There are many people out there who are facing challenging situations, and they need to have hope to believe that as they practice the same principles that the journalist practiced, they, too, will be able to triumph, for truly the human spirit is indomitable and can overcome any obstacle. The end result: hope that eventually produces victory over our circumstances.

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Displaced is Linda Schwab’s Holocaust memoir, a retelling of her experience surviving 18 months in a man-made cave, another year as an exile in Poland and Germany, and three years as a refugee in a displaced persons camp. Just six years old when a band of Nazi soldiers arrived in her tiny shtetl in Myadel, Poland, Linda observed atrocities no child ever needs to witness. With her parents and two brothers, during the summer of 1942, Linda was forcibly relocated into a ghetto where most of the Jewish men were led to the nearby forest and killed in a pogrom.

After the massacre, Linda escaped with her family into the Ponar Forest, but only after evading Polish nationals and Nazis that patrolled Poland's countryside. Deep in the woods, Linda’s family lived in a cave. They survived brutal winters, eluded partisan fighters that might force Linda’s father to leave the family, and remained out of sight from Nazis and Polish police, who at one point, came only feet from their dugout.

Written with historian Todd M. Mealy during a time when Holocaust deniers aim to rehabilitate the Nazi ideology and as roughly 400,000 survivors remain with us, Displaced presents Schwab’s singular voice. Her narrative will help maintain—if not bolster—Holocaust knowledge, as her story of surviving the Polish wilderness during WWII and in a Displaced Persons Camp after the war is unique from most accounts. Displaced will inspire the rest of us to confront hatred in its many forms.

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Ten children. Some survived with the help of others. Some survived on their own. Some not only survived but helped others survive as well. Each of their stories, like each of them, is different. Their experiences are different. But taken together, with each story in its own historical context, they provide a broad understanding of the struggles of those who survived and those who didn’t.

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