Chris Fenwick

April 22 , 2024

Creating and Maintaining Your Book Launch Team

Who are they?

Your launch team is a group of people who are your fans. People you know or are acquainted with. They have to genuinely love your book and the genre of your book, not just love you! Your launch team isn’t your spouse or your parents. They may love you, but you’ll need others on your team. They also must have time to be a part of the team, especially around the time you launch your book. Even though we encourage you to have an ongoing marketing plan for your book, it is always fun to create buzz and excitement when your book is first available. Have a party, you deserve it. Other writers make good launch team members. You can always return the favor when their next book comes out.

What do they do?

  • Read and review your book on Amazon or Goodreads
  • Promote your book on their social media
  • Help you come up with promotional ideas and execute those ideas
  • Host a party, reading or book club
  • Offer other contacts they know to expand your team
  • Help expand your network of authors, reviewers or influencers to get the word out
  • Help build excitement
  • Provide support and encouragement as well as critical thinking and perspective
What do you offer them?
  • A free PDF copy of your book to read and review
  • A free physical copy as a gift
  • If they are authors, you offer to return the favor
  • Pre-publication insights into your next book
  • If your book is nonfiction, you can offer free ancillary work (workbooks, articles, videos, consulting, coupons, etc.) that may accompany your book.
  • Some authors offer other free gifts as a token of their appreciation
How and what do you communicate with your team?
  • It is best to start with a personal invitation
  • Set up a private group on Facebook to keep everyone on track
  • Keep them updated on the timing of things (release, availability, events, eBook, NetGalley campaign, press releases, etc.). This gives them more information to share.
  • Give them the tools and strategies. Don’t make them guess what to do. Make it clear and as easy as possible. Be sure your team has a small graphic of your book, memes, ads, social share images (these should be on your website) or anything else they can use to help spread the word.
  • Stay in touch continually to keep up the excitement
Note: Even if your book has already been released, you can recruit fans to review and share! It’s never too late to get the word out about your book! Sunbury Press is a HUGE advocate that the best book marketing is done after your book has been released.