Chris Fenwick

April 16 , 2024

Bookstore Events

How to get books for my event:

A bookstore will host a launch event for me, how do they get my books? Bookstores or other venues can order books one of three ways:

  1. The author consigns the books and takes back any returns. This is preferred if the bookstore does not plan to carry any remaining copies.
  2. The bookstore can buy from us. Please allow two to three weeks lead time. They receive a 40% discount and free shipping over $100. They can order directly off the website and use coupon code VC40. They will need to prepay for the order with a credit card. Alternately, they can place their orders by phoning 1-855-338-8359 x1 or by emailing We will process the order and give them 30 days to pay if we approve their credit. They can return unsold copies to us for credit. 
  3. The bookstore can order from Ingram. The author and publisher make the least profit from this method, but it is more convenient to the bookstore in most cases.
  4. Bookstores will need your ISBN to order your book through Ingram.
Also, be sure to check in with us to be sure your local bookstore is on our list.