Chris Fenwick

April 22 , 2024

How To: Ordering Author Copies

We have been fortunate to bring on board a number of new authors in recent months. Welcome! One of the first questions we get is how to order books and how long is the lead time, etc.

First and foremost -- please allow upwards of three weeks when ordering books prior to events. The delivery times vary depending on the time of year and the weather. Most of the time, your books will arrive in ten days or less. Sometimes you'll get them within a few days. However, the three-week wait is not uncommon later in the year. Regardless, always be sure to order well in advance of any events for which you must have books. This all but eliminates the possibility of trouble.

Please note: we do not automatically send you your free copies when the book is released. Most authors place an initial order for additional copies and request their free copies be added to the shipment. If you want to receive your free copies upon release, just send an email to that effect: and put "Author copies" in the subject line. If you want to add them to an order, include the request in the order notes (see image below). 

Regarding ordering your copies, go to your book page at the Sunbury Press Store. Order as many copies as you wish. When checking out, be sure to use coupon code AUTHORSONLY -- and apply the coupon -- to get your 50% discount.

Please check the store to see if you have an author page. We would be happy to set one up for you if one does not already exist. If you have one, please send an updated biography from time to time and keep us updated on additional updates needed for your author page.
For additional questions or needs: email