The Iron Horse Goes Audio! | New Audiobook About Lou Gehrig's Final Season

Dan Joseph's bestselling book about Lou Gehrig has finally hit the airwaves!Ā šŸŽ§

Last Ride of the Iron HorseĀ has been floating near the top of the Sunbury Press bestseller list ever since its publication back in 2019. Both paperback readers and eBookĀ fanatics are getting their hands on this one every month, and we couldn't beĀ prouder of havingĀ such a terrific addition to our catalog.

And now, with the help of ourĀ audio distributorĀ Beacon Audiobooks, Lou Gehrig's story of battling ALS to win his final championship season is available as an audiobook!

Sunbury author Dan Joseph is pumped ABOUT the quality of Doug Greene's narration--and we're right there with him! We're so excited for all our baseball loving readers out there toĀ hearĀ the great work we've got on the airwaves this time around.Ā 

Want to hear a sample or buy a copy? Click on the photo below ā¤µļø No subscription required!

This is the audiobook cover for Last Ride of the Iron Horse about Lou Gehrig