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P J Piccirillo


The Northern Appalachia Review is an annual publication making a place for the under-recognized literature of its region. The editors identify northern Appalachia as the Appalachia counties of Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maryland,...

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The Northern Appalachia Review is an annual publication making a place for the under-recognized literature of its region. The editors identify northern Appalachia as the Appalachia counties of Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maryland, New York, and the northern portion of West Virginia, a part of America where authors have yet to be distinguished with a literary identity, a place that nonetheless remains rich in stories of conflict among humans and their landscapes.

The Review publishes authors from, living in, or writing about northern Appalachia. It seeks work that best conveys the character of the people and places of the region and which represents it as both distinct from and part of greater Appalachia.

The exposure offered by the Review generates support for the authors of Northern Appalachia, ensuring that the voice of this remarkable part of the country is acknowledged, appreciated, and preserved.

Page Count: 254
Trim Size: 6 x 9
Publish Date: March 15, 2024 
Imprint: Catamount Press
Genre: Anthologies

In this volume: 

  • Mary Pat Hyland—The World Comforter (F)
  • Elizabeth McConnell—Sketchbook (P)
  • Wayne Swanger—Appalachian Spring: A Morning Rhapsody (P)
  • Richard Hague—If I Am Allowed To Be Morning (P)
  • David M Sweet—Persephone Returned (P)
  • Kirk Judd—Locust (P)
  • Sherrell Wigal—Fourth Month Full Moon (P)
  • Jane Ellen Freeman—Woven Lives (F)
  • Wayne Swanger—A Sunday Morning (P)
  • Roy Bentley—Mickey Mouse Voices a Preference for John Ford Westerns Starring John Wayne (P)
  • Maxim Shrayer—Stronger (P)
  • Kathryn Yelinek—Multilingual (P)
  • Ace Boggess—It’s Not There (P)
  • Abby Minor—Pennsylvania Furnace, Julie Swarstad Johnson (Unicorn Press, ) (BR)
  • Wendy McVicker—Myth (P)
  • Dick Westheimer—A Holy Greening Power (P)
  • Wendy McVicker—Toward a New Conference of All Beings (P)
  • Roy Bentley—All the Information I Have about Myself Is from Forged Documents (P)
  • John C Mannone—Fit for Duty (P)
  • Joshua Penrod—The Wayfinder (NF)
  • Philip Terman—The Rabbi of Box Turtles (P)
  • Charlene Fix—Fields’ Joy (P)
  • Wendy McVicker—Buried Alive (P)
  • David B Prather—Bird Equations (P)
  • Karen Whittington Nelson—All the While (P)
  • Chuck Salmons—At the Dawn of the Anthropocene (P)
  • Karen Whittington Nelson—No One Had to Tell Me (F)
  • Charlene Fix—It’s Not the Sound (P)
  • Roy Bentley—On Finding Out My Bastard-Father’s Half-brothers and Half-sisters Were Protective of Him as a Child in Kentucky (P)
  • Matthew Ussia—Summer in Greenfield (P)
  • Linda Mills Woolsey—Sunday Drive in the Sixties (P)
  • Matthew Ussia—At the Corner of Tunstall St (P)
  • M C Benner Dixon—When I Was You (F)
  • Elizabeth McConnell—Ready for Flight (P)
  • Dick Westheimer—What became of the wasp (P)
  • Amy Le Ann Richardson—Ephemeron (P)
  • Richard Hague—After Grief (P)
  • Alice Reynolds—Powerline (NF)
  • Tom Donlon—Sandy, Golden Lab (P)
  • Linda Mills Woolsey—Night Fishing on French Creek (P)
  • John C Mannone—Train Ride (P)
  • Larry Smith—Biking the Allegheny Trail (P)
  • Amy Le Ann Richardson—Onslaught (P)
  • Hannah Allman Kennedy—Ode to the Rust Belt (P)
  • David M Sweet—I Wait upon a Nightjar (P)
  • John Grau—Yinzers, n’at (NF)
  • Charlene Fix—Bovinity (P)
  • Dick Westheimer—I, Coyote (P)
  • David B Prather—Onset of Autumn (P)
  • Aidan Bobik—Beyond the Grove (F)
  • Bonnie Proudfoot—Incomer (P)
  • Lisa Harris—A Field (P)
  • David Blackmore—Smoky City (NF)
  • Greg Clary—Radio Preacher (P)
  • Philip Terman—Jewing Him Down (P)
  • Martha Gallagher Michael—Sasquatch (P)
  • John C Mannone—Punxsutawney (P)
  • Dennis McFadden—Love in a Small World (F)
  • Amanda Hayden—Loretta Lynn at the Grand Ole Opry (P)
  • Matthew Ussia—Waffles, INCaffeinated (P)
  • Karen Whittington Nelson—Though I Will It Otherwise (P)
  • Lois Spencer—Mincemeat (F)
  • Linda Mills Woolsey—Aunt Mildred at the Mangle (P)
  • Martin Malone—Making cider (P)
  • Elizabeth McConnell—Harvest Salad (P)
  • Karen Whittington Nelson—The Stream a River (P)
  • Bonnie Proudfoot—Mockingbird (P)
  • Kathryn Yelinek—Bear (P)
  • Bill Smoot—Black Feathers (F)
  • David B Prather—Bitter Supper (P)
  • Maxim D Shrayer—Estonia Many Years Hence (P)
  • Michael Comiskey—The Jews of Appalachia (P)
  • Maggie Burnette—Appalachian Sonnet (P)
  • Kathryn Yelinek—Why I Have Clutter (P)
  • Jaclyn Reed—Work in Progress (P)
  • Richard Hague—Body: A Lament (P)
  • Daniel Flatley—Ordinary Time (F)
  • Ace Boggess—Where I Was When the World Was Ending (P)
  • Michael Comiskey—The Dinosaurs of the Mid-Atlantic (P)
  • Jack Kogut—Christmas, , Martins Ferry, Ohio (P)
  • Sherry Poff—Sonnet for the Builders (P)
  • Bob Craven—Pittsburgh: A Portrait (P)
  • Philip Terman—The Flying Squirrels (P)
  • Martin Malone—The Silver Aesthetics of Winter Rain (P)
  • Sherrell Wigal—The Silent Season (P)
  • Beth Casteel—Full Moon (NF)

BR—Book Review

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Customer Reviews

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Linda Mills Woolsey
Great Introduction to Regional Writers

This issue of Northern Appalachia Review lives up to the journal's mission to showcase diverse voices from this under-recognized region. The poetry, fiction, and non-fiction in a range of styles engages with the region's human and natural environments of coal and farm country, struggling towns, mountain retreats and threatened ecosystems. From the crows on the cover to David B. Prather's "Bitter Supper" this is serious work, in a world where "entire sentences/open their ravenous wings." But the writing is also rooted in the warm hearts, tough human ties, and strong will of folks from the five states that make up Northern Appalachia.

Jane Ellen Freeman
Stunning Appalachian poems and stories

This review is packed with poems and stories full of emotion and sensitive reminiscences. Wonderful reading!

Bonnie Proudfoot
Excellent Contents

This issue of Northern Appalachia Review is a gem! I encourage everyone to support this journal, as they bring a special regional voice to the literary conversation.