Cops Under Fire!

Brian McKenna


12 gripping stories of real-life police shootouts (and what to make of them) Armed-encounters expert and police trainer Brian McKenna shares his expertise in a series of gripping stories involving real-life police...

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12 gripping stories of real-life police shootouts (and what to make of them)

Armed-encounters expert and police trainer Brian McKenna shares his expertise in a series of gripping stories involving real-life police shootouts. Step into the shoes of police officers who have run toward the sound of gunfire, who have faced attacks by deadly assailants, and who have lived to share the tale.

But this book is more than just stories about courageous cops.

Each story is followed by McKenna’s expert analysis of its important learning points, especially concerning how and why the officers use force and the legal aspects of self-defense and the defense of others. In these analyses, McKenna offers insider information on topics that are often misinterpreted by the public. Combining action-packed true-crime storytelling and law enforcement analysis, Cops Under Fire! is a spotlight on the realities of armed encounters and the use of force by police on the brutal streets of America.


What Others are Saying

“If they are open and mindful, [readers] will see policing through a different lens—that of the embattled officer—and will gain a better and more complete understanding of police use of force… They are fortunate indeed, to have such an insightful, experienced and dedicated guide as Brian McKenna for this important journey.” - Mike Wood, Author of Newhall Shooting: A Tactical Analysis   

“For decades, Brian McKenna's analyses of police gunfights have taught lessons that guided police training and have saved countless lives. Having debriefed some of the same survivors I can confirm that Brian ‘gets it right,’ and extracts the salient life-saving lessons from these deadly encounters.  His work is a must-read for those who go armed into harm's way."Massad Ayoob, Author & law-enforcement trainer

“The name Brian McKenna is synonymous in the Law Enforcement community with relevant and realistic information regarding officer safety. Brian’s writings and teachings have reached tens of thousands of officers and have undoubtably saved the lives of countless officers and civilians alike. You, the reader of Brian’s latest endeavor, become the benefactor of his years of experience and expertise in gleaning valuable learning points from violent police encounters. He does a masterful job of making you feel as if you are in the middle of the action as he relates real stories about heroic cops fighting for their lives. He then gears his analyses to key learning points for everyday citizens so that you can use the stories to improve your personal safety and increase your commitment to self-preservation. Look forward to an incredible journey of learning conflict avoidance, situational awareness, response selection and easy to implement safety tips. Unfortunately, our world is often not as safe as we pretend it to be. This timely information helps level that playing field."Ron Scheidt, Author and Law Enforcement Trainer

“Many people’s perceptions of the realities of police work are influenced by television, movies and incomplete media accounts of violent encounters involving the police. If you have every wondered, ‘Why did the police shoot that subject so many times?’ or ‘Why did they have to shoot that unarmed mentally ill person?’ then this book is for you. Brian McKenna is a master at researching, dissecting, recounting and analyzing violent encounters involving law enforcement professionals and pulling out the lessons learned. This book is about the service, sacrifice, heroics and humanity of the men and women who serve as law enforcement professionals, and it offers a glimpse into the real world of law enforcement for those citizens who are interested and open to learning."Brian Willis, Author and Owner of Winning Mind Training

“I have been using material from Lt. Brian McKenna (ret) since my early years as a road sergeant during roll call. His newest book, Cops Under Fire, continues his tradition of teaching vital facts and analyzing tactics so the reader can glean life-sustaining habits. Brian’s ability to convey information will not only encourage continued reading and sharing of these stories, but will help shape a new generation of citizen servant-warriors.  I highly recommend Cops Under Fire to anyone interested in learning invaluable lessons about situational awareness, mental toughness, staying safe, overcoming adversity, and more—all though the eyes of streetwise officers who persevered against society’s worst offenders.”Tim Barfield, Chief of Police, Wellington Ohio Police Department


by Brian McKenna
Page Count: 222
Trim Size: 6 x 9
Publish Date: July 11, 2021
Imprint: Oxford Southern
Genre: Professional


SOCIAL SCIENCE / Criminology
TRUE CRIME / General
LAW / Practical Guides

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