Found. Still lost.

Ashley Nichole Walkowiak


Found. Still lost. is an empowering collection of poetry and images exploring the depths of trauma and inviting us all to heal through the validation of our innermost feelings. One of...

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Found. Still lost. is an empowering collection of poetry and images exploring the depths of trauma and inviting us all to heal through the validation of our innermost feelings.

One of the best ways to combat the effects of trauma is to remind ourselves that our emotions are the mind’s healthy ways of coping with extraordinary events. This is what we find in the pages of “Found. Still lost.” Brother and sister duo, Ashley Walkowiak & John Nester, invite us to be present with the discomfort of loss, violation, and daily struggles of the human condition.

Trauma can leave us juggling feelings of shock, confusion, denial, and grief. Experiencing trauma can manifest physical conditions such as anxiety, panic, headaches, dizziness, poor concentration, and flashbacks. Feelings of detachment, isolation from family and friends, and struggling to complete typical daily tasks are all common responses to trauma.

Experiencing uncomfortable thoughts and feelings reflected in the pages of this short and profound work reminds us all that being present with our loss and trauma is what our bodies need to heal and move forward.

In Found. Still lost. you will experience a seduction of words and images that invite you to exist in the current moment and seek healing through the confirmation of your thoughts and emotions. Within these pages, you will find that you are never alone.

"Found. Still lost. is a beautiful and visually prolific journey into the epicenter of pain, fear, trauma, hope, and healing." - Jennifer Storm is the author of several books on sexual violence, substance use, and recovery, including Blackout Girl and Awakening Blackout Girl.

"This is an achingly gorgeous collection that needs to remain out, on a table somewhere in your home, where it can constantly be picked up and cherished. It’ll make you feel less alone, as well as dazzle you with its beauty." - Jen Pastiloff, best-selling author of ON BEING HUMAN, yoga teacher, and empowerment coach.

"Ashley Nichole Walkowiak and John M. Nester’s Found. Still lost. is a collection that interrogates the wounds of loss with the careful precision of an archaeologist studying ancient ruins. Paired with stark black and white photography, the poems serve as ghostly echoes for the aching landscapes rendered in the images. The natural world in its power to ruin mingles with the disorienting traumas of human loss through tsunamis and cracked spines, constellations, and mirrors. Mythologies weave their way into the grieving process as well, as the speaker navigates their broken self through allusions to Frankenstein and Rapunzel, revealing that loss is both a horrifying and magical maze we all wander through, where truth is both distorted and discovered. These poems and photos vibrate as a gong of meaning making, reminding us all that 'all that glows/begins with sorrow.'" - Anne Champion, 2009 Academy of American Poet’s Prize recipient, is the author of several poetry compilations, including The Good Girl is Always a Ghost. She currently teaches writing and literature at Wheelock College in Boston.

by Ashley Nichole Walkowiak and John Michael Nester
Page Count: 62

Trim Size: 6 x 9
Publish Date: February 9, 2022
Imprint: Brown Posey Press
Genre: Poetry and Photography

POETRY / American / General
PHOTOGRAPHY / Individual Photographers / Artists' Books
BODY, MIND & SPIRIT / Healing / General

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