Scared Skinny No More

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by Dimino & Johnson Scared Skinny No More: Exposing the Myths of Weight Bias and Weight Loss Do you awake every morning to the same grueling ritual of the daily "weigh...

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by Dimino & Johnson

Scared Skinny No More: Exposing the Myths of Weight Bias and Weight Loss

Do you awake every morning to the same grueling ritual of the daily "weigh in"? Do you think... Oh God! Please let it be less than yesterday. Are you enslaved to a mythical weight and shape that our culture says you should be or otherwise you are deemed a failure? Are you literally "Scared Skinny" because you have been conditioned to think that you are lazy, unlovable and unworthy if you aren't thin? How did weight become such a focus of our culture? It was created by a perfect storm scenario beginning in the 1980's and 1990's. During this period technological advances made our lives much more sedentary than any other point in history. The invention of processed foods made food more convenient to purchase and consume. This was also the time of a new exercise revolution where everyone, especially celebrities, were looking to get fit and tone. When these celebrities lost 5 pounds it made all the media outlets, and everyone clamored to know their secret.
We even have Skinny Bitches, who have never been more than 5 pounds overweight telling everyone how to lose weight. They present “facts” that have never been researched or challenged, but are assumed to be true because they sound true. Even “scientific” facts relating to weight are now under scrutiny and the truth is finally revealed. In fact, did you know the food guidelines that we follow today were developed by a vegetarian in the 1970's and not by a nutritionist or scientist? However, now that we understand that being obese and being too thin are both health risks, women are still obsessed with weight rather than fitness. As Richard Simmons has said, “Frankly the American consumer is confused. They don't know what to do or believe in. Because of this confusion, it is easy to understand how individuals who are unsuccessful with weight loss can begin to blame themselves for their failure.”
This book examines the transition from focus on weight to focus on fitness.  What makes us fat? Why is thin also unhealthy?  Why is building muscle the ideal goal for women?
Scared Skinny No More combines the personal experiences of comedienne Mary Dimino and the expertise of Dr. Brad Johnson. Mary struggled with weight throughout her childhood and adulthood and has experienced all the bias associated with her weight struggles. She finally lost over 100 pounds and has taken control of her life. Dr. Johnson is an expert in the wellness field and a published author in the field of cultural studies and has studied the cultural influences on weight loss and weight bias. The two combine their experiences and expertise to give one common voice for women who have struggled with weight management.
Scared Skinny No More reveals the components of the perfect storm scenario that have left women feeling powerless and responsible for their inability to control their weight and their lives. Scared Skinny examines the many foods and products that contain obesogens which make us fat and unhealthy.  This book also includes a chapter called “Think Like a Man.” This chapter provides unique insight into how men view weight, dieting, and the female shape, which will bring a new perspective to women. Scared Skinny No More offers strategies and support to take control of your life and make a new beginning after the storm has passed. It's time for your new beginning!

Page Count: 144
Trim Size: 5.5 x 8.5
Publish Date: March 12, 2013
Imprint: Sunbury Press
Genre: Self-Help

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